We all know chocolate loves caramel. But have you seen the dance it does with these unexpected partners? Meet miso brownies, "the best gluten-free muffins I've ever tried" and lush Hawaiian coconut milk pie.
7 Sep 2015 - 3:02 PM  UPDATED 9 Sep 2015 - 3:05 PM

1. Chocolate + coconut milk = much-loved Hawaiian pie

Haupia is a traditional coconut milk-based Hawaiian dessert served at luaus (traditional feasts). One Oahu bakery took things a step further, creating a Haupia pie. Think shortcrust pastry case filled with creamy vanilla and chocolate layers, topped with a double cream (that's whipped cream and sour cream) topping and dusted with cocoa.  

2. Cake, with a kick

The idea of putting chilli with chocolate isn't entirely new, so it's a good way to ease into exploring chocolates less familiar partners. This recipe takes the pairing to new heights of indulgence though, with chilli in the rich chocolate cake layers and in the icing, plus candied chilli "flowers" to decorate. 

3. Lasagne. With chocolate? Yes, indeed.

Chocolate has been a favourite addition to Sicilian dishes since the Spanish dominion brought the new ingredient to Modica, Sicily, at the end of the 16th century. In this lasagne siciliane al cioccolato, chocolate adds a shine and a hint of sweetness to the classic Italian comfort food. 

4. "The best gluten-free muffins I've ever tried."

Chocolate and beetroot make great partners in rich, moist, full-of-flavour cakes. Here the combination works wonderfully in partnership with quinoa, coconut milk and coconut sugar to create these gluten-free beetroot, quinoa and chocolate muffins. Go see why the recipe writer things they are the best ever. 

5. Make brownies even better

Take a widely adored Amnerican classic to a whole new level with a secret ingredient: miso paste. A dollop of red miso paste in the batter adds an intriguingly salty note to these miso and raisin brownies.  

6. Black sesame and chocolate? Oooh, now there's an idea....

Food writer Jody Vassallo says this is her "favourite cake ever, ever, ever". That makes it hard to resist trying her black sesame chocolate cake, doesn't it? 

7. Chocolate and sesame, take II

Chocolate partners with sesame again in this home-made version of the classic Middle Eastern halva. It will store in the fridge for up to a month, so it's an excellent made-ahead for parties and gatherings. 

... and because we did mention caramel...

It wouldn't be fair to mention how well chocolate and caramel go together and then not share an example, would it? So here it is: not just chocolate with caramel, but chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting.

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