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Seeing mentions of Thanksgiving everywhere you turn? Like us, you’re probably intrigued. What is this festivity Americans go absolutely ga-ga for? From a food perspective, it means eating turkey, roasted sweet potatoes with bacon (or sometimes marshmallows), biscuits (i.e. savoury scones), pecan pie and loads more.

Taking place on the fourth Thursday of November, this year Thanksgiving falls on November 26. Which just so happens to be Sydney Kramer’s birthday. You could call the Brooklyn-based blogger behind The Crepes of Wrath The Thanksgiving Guru (or a little obsessed). She’s also a big-flavoured cook and her gregarious New York-style approach to food in general is evident in her holiday creations (and there are many on her blog). Here, she’s pulled her favourites from the archives to share with us. Think flaky, perfectly custard-y quiche topped with a killer French cheese combo of comte and raclette. Next, an epic turkey with a seriously indulgent side of waffles, sausage and maple syrup (Americans LOVE the accompaniments to roasted birds known as ‘stuffing’. Don’t think stuffed inside the bird, and don’t knock it till you try it. #sogood). And to end, a pumpkin pie layer cake with candied graham crackers that’s big enough to feed an army – or at least a horde of guests.  There’s plenty more everyday-eating deliciousness to discover on The Crepes of Wrath, and it all comes with Sydney’s cheeky and addictive writing, plus pics of her daily NYC shenanigans. You can also find the talented blogger tearing it up on social @crepesofwrath.

“Last year... I made about 40 pounds of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, biscuits and probably a few other vegetable sides.” 

“Thanksgiving is the best day of the year. There’s no debate, and I don’t want to hear any suggestions that it might be some other holiday. I live for Thanksgiving. I look forward to it every damn year. My blog has multiple stuffing and pie recipes, which is proof that I do new dish test runs each year to make sure everything is perfect. I also make a spreadsheet, and I colour-code said spreadsheet. I take this day very, very seriously. It just so happens to fall on or around my birthday this year, but that’s neither here nor there. It just proves that I was born to love Thanksgiving – literally. Each year, we host Thanksgiving in our Brooklyn apartment with friends, and it’s always a really fun party. Last year we had a grand total of 21 people in our tiny space, but we made it work. I made about 40 pounds [20 kilograms] of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, biscuits and probably a few other vegetable sides that escape me now, and other people brought dishes, too. We served everything buffet-style, set up folding tables, and ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. Then, of course, we went back for seconds. Last year was also the first year that we hardly had any leftovers, between second and third helpings and people begging me to take home some fried chicken, which, honestly, was probably for the best for my waistline. We’ve got to go even bigger this year, and I’m not quite sure what that is, yet, but I promise you – it’s going to be delicious.”


I started my blog to… Share recipes with my friends and family. I never thought it would become what it is today – it was originally just a place for me to post food photos and let my parents know what I was up to at college.

The must-cook recipe on my website is… Green chickpea coconut curry. It’s a great beginner recipe, is wholesome and healthy, and gets people interested in cooking with things that they many not have before, such as Swiss chard.

I can’t wait to go back to… Tokyo to eat and drink everything, but mostly really good onigiri and all the bar snacks.

My current food obsession is… Broccoli, funnily enough. My husband and I have been eating it with everything lately, and since it’s getting chilly here in New York, I love it roasted until really charred – almost black, really. It gets really crunchy and crispy and absolutely delicious.

Eating… Mussels takes me back to Thailand, where we ate fresh mussels on the side of the road at random beach town restaurants.

Nugget of cooking wisdom… You are definitely going to screw something up. Just be ok with that, learn to fix mistakes, and remember that just because it looks ugly doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste great!

I learnt to cook from… Other food blogs! 

When I go back to my home town… Phoenix, Arizona,the first thing I eat is In-N-Out. I get a cheeseburger with well-done fries and a Neapolitan milkshake, which is a milkshake with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla all layered one on top of the other.

Thanksgiving is… My absolute favourite holiday, and this year it also happens to fall on my birthday. One of the reasons I love Thanksgiving is that I don’t have to get presents for anyone, but I usually get a few for myself (ha).

Friends always ask me to cook my… Fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.

The one thing I can’t cook is… Cupcakes. I HATE THEM. I really do not enjoy having to decorate the same tiny cakes over and over again, and I hate having to wash out my mixing bowl again to make frosting [icing]. You can keep the cupcakes.

If I ever met… Vin Diesel, I would ask him: can I please be your personal chef? Or will you at least play a game of Dungeons & Dragons with me?

I always have… Sichuan peppercorns in my pantry, American cheese (sorry ‘bout that) in my fridge, and bones for making stock in my freezer. 

My favourite biscuit to dunk in a cup of tea is… A doughnut, because really, I live in New York, so you know I’m dunking a cinnamon-sugar doughnut in a cup of coffee, and hopefully at Pies ‘N’ Thighs. 

My most sauce-splattered cookbook is… Think Like a Chef by Tom Colicchio. Itreally taught me the basics when my mum bought it for me years and years ago. 

The most difficult food to shoot/style and make look tasty is… Gravy, which I learned this year while trying to do a gravy photo shoot for Thanksgiving. It’s brown, for god’s sake.

Beyond my own blog, some of my favourites reads are… The Sugar Hit, Take a Megabite, My Name is Yeh, I Am A Food Blog, Fix, Feast, Flair, Chocolate + Marrow, Two Red Bowls, Wit & Vinegar, A Cozy Kitchen, Brooklyn Supper, A Brown Table, and I love browsing my friend Donny Tsang’s photography for inspiration. Honestly, there are so many jealousy-inducing food blogs out there that I wouldn’t be able to name them all, but the food blog community is so inspiring and amazing and helpful that I don’t know what I’d do without it! There’s a lot of love and support.



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