It’s the day after Christmas and your kitchen is still full of food. If, like us, you can't bare looking at that turkey for one more second, stop and consider the art of transformation. We're talking panettone semifreddo, candy cane marshmallows and turkey nachos.
22 Dec 2015 - 10:38 AM  UPDATED 26 Dec 2019 - 2:14 PM

1. Candy canes

Unwrap those spare candy canes and get swirling to make these dandy peppermint marshmallow. Crush them and fold them through your marshmallow for an excellent hot chocolate topping or roasting treat. 

2. Panettone

Italian brioche at it's best, panettone doesn't just have to be enjoyed on it's own. By using some cointreau, orange and dark chocolate, you can take this cake to a creamy place in no time at all.

3. The roast

Turkey, pork, beef whichever roasting choice you had this festive season, you don't have to fret about making sandwiches with it for the next month. This Mexican breakfast staple uses tortillas and a spicy tomato salsa. 

4. Chocolate

With only 3 simple ingredients, these milky pops work with any or all of your chocolate stash and are an easy frozen summer treat for anyone and everyone.

Milky ice pops

5. Fruit

The always bright trifle will pay respect to any fruits of your choosing. This custard concoction is all about colour and layers of yum!

6. Christmas pudding

An adorably fun way to use up that extra Christmas pudding and no ice-cream machine is required. Dont forget to pop that cherry on top!

7. Biscuits and shortbread

Whether you like baked or no bake, keep all those bikkies for your next cheesecake base! This recipe gives you a crumbed sandwich-style cheescake that works with any biscuit you have lying around. 

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