Inspired by Luke Nguyen's Street Food Asia, we've put together a collection of desserts to end your meal with a bang.
Farah Celjo

20 Oct 2016 - 12:19 PM  UPDATED 7 Jun 2017 - 9:25 AM



Black sticky rice creams

Sticky rice is eaten everywhere in Vietnam and when cooked, black rice has a viscous texture and turns a deep purplish colour, which adds a lovely bit of vibrancy to dishes.

Vietnamese coconut bread and butter pudding

A classic banana cake from Saigon inspired this bread and butter pudding recipe. It's light and not overly sweet.

Dragon fruit shake

In the mood for something a little more refreshing? Well, you're in luck, this icy fruit drink will shake things up and the secret ingredient... condensed milk!




Mango and sticky rice (kao niaw mamuang)

Chef David Thompson shares his recipe for this much-loved Thai dessert.

Thailand's addictive dessert, mango and sticky rice

Coconut meringue pie

Young coconut water infuses the custard filling, while the flesh is stirred in for texture. The result? An elegant dessert with a billowy meringue topping.

Stewed bananas in coconut cream (gluay buadt chee)

Love bananas? Well, this Goldilocks-dessert calls on your banana to be just right! Too under-ripe and they can be too starchy; too ripe and they will disintegrate into the coconut milk.





Based on the holy trinity of Malaysian and Southeast Asian dessert ingredients – coconut, pandan and palm sugar – delicious and refreshing!

Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes are a hawker-food favourite that come in as many variations - from fluffy to raisin-filled - as times during the day which they are eaten. 

Sugar-stuffed glutinous rice balls (onde-onde)

Morning, noon or night these popular bites make for the perfect sweet snack. Don't worry if yours end up being misshapen, they will still be delicious!



Vanilla-scented sago cakes (cantik manis)

Cantik means 'pretty' and manis means 'sweet', but these Indonesian cakes aren't too sweet.

Thousand-layer cake

A thousand reasons to eat this! You can store this in the fridge for up to four days.

Coffee and pandan flan

Coffee in your pudding? Peter Kuruvita has the right idea as he gives us this easy dairy-free dessert bowl that is chilled to perfection.


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