• Whole snapper steamed with black beans, lemon and chilli (Alan Benson)
Go whole or go home with these impressively delicious and easy ways to dish your fish.
18 Nov 2016 - 1:30 PM  UPDATED 27 Jun 2018 - 1:47 PM


1. Baked leatherjacket with tomatoes & capers

This saucy dish of garlic, white wine and tomato is absolutely top notch.

2. Whole barramundi baked in banana leaves

Perfect for steaming or baking, banana leaves impart a mild flavour and keep this fish moist.

Whole barramundi in banana leaves

3. Baked snapper with chermoula

Approach this colourful and flavour-packed dish with a little Moroccan flair.

4. Baked trout with herbs and bacon

Bacon and chive makes for a crisp garnish on this easy bake.


Roast fish

This recipe is the essence of simplicity, freshness and purity. The fast cooking seems to intensify the natural flavours of the food.

Whole baked labna barramundi with dukkah

The unusual combination of labna and fish will surprise you with its delicious flavour. Labna is strained yoghurt, traditionally eaten for breakfast in Lebanese cuisine. Dukkah is a Moroccan spice and nut mixture. Chef Hassan M’Souli from Out of Africa restaurant talks us through how to bake fish with these complex spices and textures.

Baked whole snapper with lemon, oregano, olives and a lemon beurre noisette

A whole fish can be quite intimidating to cook, the trick is to get your fishmonger to do the hard work of scaling and cleaning the fish. After that it is very easy to have your meal ready in 30 minutes.




8. Grilled whole snapper with burghul salad

Feed the family with this crisp-skinned and flaky fleshed snapper grilled to perfection.

9. Grilled flathead in banana leaf

One from the Food Safari Fire series - this fish number calls on aromatics galore, turmeric, lemongrass, fish sauce, ginger and chilli just to name a few! Talk about incredible flavours right here.

Whole fish covered in salt and chargrilled

"Tilapia lives in freshwater ecosystems and is found in great abundance in the Mekong River. It has a mild buttery flavour, is high in protein, has five times less fat than lean pork or beef, and has very firm skin, which makes it ideal for chargrilling. This dish is found grilling throughout the streets and markets of Bangkok. After stuffing the fish and coating it in salt, local cooks tie the fish between two bamboo sticks before placing it on the chargrill. This keeps the fish enclosed, and also makes it easier to turn over." Luke Nguyen, Luke Nguyen's Street Food Asia

Whole marinated fish with nsima and ujeni ndiwo

In Malawi, barbecued fish is served with nsima – a Malawian staple traditionally made from maize flour. It becomes quite firm after cooking and is traditionally served as a kind of large patty cake. Malawians generally eat with their hands so this texture makes it easy to break off bits.




12. Deep-fried whole snapper with ginger & lime fish sauce

The combination of ginger and lime fish sauce as well as the spring onion oil, gives this Vietnamese seafood dish a kick!

13. Deep-fried whole fish

A perfect plate for a shared banquet. The crunch of the crispy skin is a wonderful contrast to the delicate flesh of the snapper.

Deep-fried whole fish.

14. Crispy fried eggplant fish with ginger fish sauce

The amazing textures and flavours of this fish recipe taps into a little piece of Vietnam.




15. Whole steamed snapper with black beans, lemon and chilli

This is a restaurant-style dish that's so easy to make at home.

Whole snapper steamed with black beans, lemon and chilli

16. Fish steamed with pandan and lemongrass

Steaming is a great way to deal with large, whole fish and this recipe calls on a little pandan for punch.

Fish steamed with pandan and lemongrass

17. Steamed whole barramundi with ginger shallot sauce

This dish is designed to be served as part of a shared meal, so perfect to serve up with a few sides and rice if you wish.