• Raw berry and chocolate torte (Steve Brown)Source: Steve Brown
Turning your oven on when it’s 35 degrees is plain madness - so don’t do it! Beat the heat with these completely indulgent desserts… that don’t require any baking.
20 Dec 2016 - 2:10 PM  UPDATED 8 Dec 2017 - 11:17 AM

Feelin’ fruity

1. Bruleed fruit skewers with gingersnap crumb & coconut cream

Put our amazing summer fruit to work with this amazing recipe - it comes together super-quick and is great to use on fruit that’s past its prime. With a crunchy gingersnap crumb and smooth coconut cream, it’s perfect to serve at a barbecue.

Bruleed fruit skewers with gingersnap crumb and coconut cream

2. Mango pudding

Dan Hong’s mango pudding is like summer in a bowl - a twist on the beloved Cantonese recipe, this is served with a distinctly Australian passionfruit granita.

3. Chilled sago with palm sugar syrup

Pearls of sago drenched in a sweet coconut syrup - this Malay-inspired dessert will send you straight to the tropics. 

more fruity desserts
Glazed pineapple with salted peanuts and coconut ice-cream

“I think pineapple is at its best when caramelised and paired with salted roasted peanuts and some cold coconut ice-cream; it is paradise on a plate. You can caramelise the pineapple earlier and reheat at the time of serving. For an easier version, you can cut the pineapples into large chunks instead of slicing it thin. Also, do not worry if they are not all exactly the same, it will all look fine in the end and you can also serve it contained messy strips and top with the ice cream.” Anjum Anand, Anjum's Australian Spice Stories

Coconut rice pudding with lemongrass curd

“Desserts aren’t just about sweetness - you can get creative with textures, spice and savoury notes like I’ve done here with the lemongrass and chilli. The curd and rice pudding are equally delicious served on their own, but I love the contrast in textures, especially when topped with fresh seasonal fruit. That said, why wait for dessert? You could serve this as an indulgent breakfast too.” Rachel Khoo, Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook Melbourne

Raw lemon cheesecake

Lemon cheesecake with no cheese? It's like hosting a Greek barbecue where everything is vegetarian. At first it seems nothing but down right insulting. There will be yelling and plenty of tantrums. However, as your guests sample your perfectly cooked haloumi with lemon, then perhaps dabble in some of your delicious spanakopita, suddenly their worlds are turned upside down. They can be somewhat satisfied without lamb! That's pretty much the experience I had with this dessert. I was skeptical, just as my Yia-yia was skeptical of our vegetarian babysitter, but like my grandma I gave it a go. And also like her I realised I actually really like Ruth  and the cheese-less cheesecake. It arrives with a creamy, lemony smoothness and leaves with a sweet, nutty crumble. We hope you enjoy.

Individual cream lime pies

A summery dessert that will provide the perfect zesty and tangy end to your meal.

Lemon and elderflower sorbet

If you have never tried elderflowers, their taste is hard to describe – but if I had to give it a go, the word ethereal pops into mind. Once picked, the flowers fade quickly, so there is always a mad springtime rush to preserve their elusive flavour in cordials and syrups. Combined with citrus, elderflowers really sing.

Strawberry and bay cream

The bay leaf gives this cream a gentle spice character. This cream will keep in an airtight container for up to four days and is perfect served on any dessert.

Ice, ice, baby

10. Summer pudding with white chocolate and berry ice-cream

Got leftover panettone from Christmas? Use it to create this spectacular summer pudding - perfect for lazy afternoons in the sun (with a glass of something bubbly, we suggest!)

11. Blood orange margarita ice blocks with lime salt

Grown-up, boozy ice blocks are the way all summer barbecues should end, if you ask us. We love the combination of bittersweet blood orange with zesty lime salt.

12. Frozen summer fruit semifreddo pudding

Pomegranates, passionfruit and raspberries - summer fruit is just too delicious to stop at the recommended two pieces a day! Enjoy your serves in this amazing dessert, topped with salty roasted hazelnuts.

13. Jamaican avocado ice-cream

Avocado, in ice-cream?  Trust us. Here, lime and sugar cut through the richness of the “alligator pear” (as the avo’s known in Jamaica!).

more iced ideas
Mango, rum and young coconut ice blocks

Based on the idea of a mango daiquiri, this is a wonderfully refreshing (and slightly boozy) grown up ice block — perfect for hot summer days. You will need to use mangoes that are very sweet and almost too ripe to give you the right flavour.

Pina colada popsicles

These are the popsicle equivalent of the quintessential cocktail and are a perfect summer treat for adults (or hold the rum to make them kid-friendly), and they couldn't be easier to whip up. I use freshly squeezed pineapple and lime juice, and I always squeeze a little extra as a special drink for myself. These pina colada popsicles are insanely delicious; I promise they will wow.

Cherry granita

Granita is a handy thing to have on hand in your freezer – add a few large spoonfuls to a glass of prosecco for a refreshing spring drink.

Mango chilli ice

This is an experiment in balancing tastes. I’ve combined something cold with raised spicy heat levels, and have tried to harmonise taste and temperature by introducing sweetness. The level of spicy heat, although heightened and placed out of context, is intended to be enjoyed.

Coffee and tea

18. Argentinian tiramisu

OK, so you have to brew the coffee - but that’s as hot as this recipe gets! A spin on the traditional Italian, the Argentinians have adapted tiramisu and made it their own.

19. Green tea ice-cream

Smoky green tea gets rebooted as dessert. This recipe, by Adam Liaw, takes just 15 minutes to whip up.

more cool coffee
Coffee ice-cream (kem cà phê)

This ice-cream masters the characteristic sweetness of syrupy iced coffees served in Vietnam.

Chicory coffee granita with bourbon whipped cream

“I distinctly remember my first cup of coffee. My grannie fixed my sister and I two tiny glasses of coffee milk (which seemed to consist of more sugar than coffee or milk). I stretched out my hands, took hold of the cold, crystal glass and quietly imbibed my very first glass of smoky, chicory coffee. In that one moment, I had unknowingly become part of a treasured ritual that I would carry with me daily."

Chocolate heaven

22. Raw berry and chocolate torte

If you want to make friends, this tantalising torte is a sure-fire way to do it. 

Raw berry and chocolate torte

23. Cardamom and orange truffles

When you feel like something sweet - but not something heavy - these truffles are the answer. Keep them on hand in the fridge and serve with coffee. 

24. Malteser ice-cream with candied bacon

This recipe comes from Mitch Orr, of Sydney’s ACME - a restaurant famed for its Italian-Korean dishes. So we’d expect nothing less than mind-bending brilliance from this innovative young chef. Salty-sweet Maltesers, enveloped in a smooth vanilla ice-cream, are topped with addictive bacon. Try not going back for seconds and let us know how you go. 

More choc chillers
Dairy milk chocolate ice-cream

This rich, smooth-as-silk chocolate indulgence is sure to become a household staple. Sorry.

Raw raspberry, ginger and chocolate tarts

"These plant-based, raw tarts are gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free. They are surprisingly fresh and light to taste, until you get a mouthful of the dark chocolate sauce! Go mad with the petals and passionfruit to decorate them; they will look amazing." Lauren Glucina, Ascension Kitchen

Chocolate mousse with cocoa nibs

This mousse is for any serious chocaholic. The silky-smooth feel from the pastry cream together with the melted dark chocolate gives an extra-rich flavour.

A little nutty

28.Sea salt, pistachio and Turkish delight chocolate snaps

Package these up as a Christmas gift - or if you’re anything like us, keep them all for yourself! Dark chocolate is topped with salt, pistachios and little rubies of Turkish delight for the best after-dinner snack you’ve ever tasted.

Sea salt, pistachio and Turkish delight chocolate snaps.

29. Peanut ice-cream with watermelon in rosewater sauce

While this isn’t strictly traditional, we love this recipe that plays on the Chinese love of peanuts. Serve with watermelon, other fresh fruit or crushed, salted roast peanuts. 

30. Coconut sorbet with salted candied peanuts

If you like a mix sweet and salty flavours, you will adore this highly addictive dessert.

Be wary of this hyped health food.

Caramel cravings


31. Dulce de leche ice-cream

Dulce de leche is to caramel as wagyu is to chuck steak - just so much better. A staple in Argentinian desserts, this indulgent caramel is infused into ice-cream… and will no doubt find many fans.

32. Banoffee trifle with candied bacon

Serve these trifles in individual pots and watch as guests gasp with excitement. A true indulgence, they combine caramel, deep-fried bananas, crushed cookies and salty bacon for a taste explosion.

33. Pedro Ximenez jelly with chocolate and caramel layers

Warning: this is not your grandmother’s trifle! Spanish sherry jelly is layered with chocolate custard and dulce de leche cream, for a trifle that’s anything but traditional.