• Using two of Turkey's favourite ingredients, lamb stuffed eggplant (karniyarik) is a popular dish. (Alan Benson)
Bey and Jay, George and Amal and now you can add now eggplant and lamb to the power couple list.
19 Apr 2017 - 11:40 AM  UPDATED 19 Apr 2017 - 5:38 PM

It's Turkish week on The Chefs' Line, and of course, we've been drooling over the wonderful plates that have come to life. Anason's Head Chef Somer Sivrioglu calls eggplant Turkey's "adopted vegetable". Alongside lamb, we think these two are a match made in heaven and they sure know how to run a delicious muck when they're both in the kitchen.

Get your flavour on with these 8 recipes... yes, they ALL have lamb and eggplant. #2017goals

1. Traditional lamb & pistachio kebab with garlic yoghurt

Perfect with a cold beer in hand, this traditional recipe is reminiscent of Anason's Head Chef Somer Siviroglu's trip to Gaziantep in Turkey, an area dishing up these rich kebabs. 

2. Village-style feta börek

What's better than eggplant and lamb? It's eggplant, lamb and pastry thanks to this Shane Delia recipe. Yep, this smoked eggplant mayo recipe will make more than you need, but that is absolutely not a bad thing.

3. Stuffed eggplant

A Turkish take on stuffed eggplants, this recipe calls on some spice assistance from cinnamon and biber salcasi (pepper paste). 


4. Sultan's delight

The longer you marinate, the richer the lamb. The weekend cannot come quick enough to cook up this bowl of eggplant puree with low and slow lamb.

5. Lamb stuffed eggplant 

This recipe is called karniyarik and literally translates as "split belly". This is widely made and dearly loved in almost in every part of Turkey, but this variation is specific to the south-eastern and eastern Mediterranean regions of Turkey.
Using two of Turkey's favourite ingredients, lamb stuffed eggplant (karniyarik) is a popular dish.

7. Spiced lamb with walnut, garlic and yoghurt sauce

Chunks of meltingly sweet lamb inspired by the Turkish kebab. This interpretation uses eggplant instead of bread and doesn’t require a rotisserie to cook the lamb. So it makes for a quick and easy weeknight meal.

8. Aubergine puree topped with lamb stew

This is a rich and satisfying Ottoman dish of lamb stew on a bed of aubergine and cheese, and it smells progressively more delicious as it slowly cooks, making it harder and harder to resist dipping a corner of bread into the pot!


Written by Farah Celjo.

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