There's no debating this one: mums are the best! We're thanking mums everywhere with our 12 favourite cakes, perfect to bake for this Mother's Day.
10 May 2018 - 3:40 PM  UPDATED 4 May 2021 - 8:11 PM

Two of the best things in the world - mums and cake! Bake one (or all!) of these recipes for your special mother, grandmother or the other special woman in your life this Mother's Day to show them just how much they mean - if you can stop yourself eating it first! Now go earn those brownie points.

1. Rose and pistachio cake

Topped with sugar-coated rose petals, this Persian inspired sponge is the perfect cake to bake to thank mum for all she does! And, it's gluten-free, but you wouldn't have known! 

Rose and pistachio cake

2. Chocolate layer cake with chocolate mousse icing

If you've been gifted with a chocoholic mother, baking this cake will win you 'favourite child' status instantly! Easy on the sugar and perfectly dense, you can't go wrong.

Chocolate layer cake with chocolate mousse icing

3. Ricotta, fig and hazelnut cheesecake

Bursting with the unmistakable flavour of fresh figs, blended with the smooth ricotta, this is a cheesecake mum will remember. There's even a bit of dark chocolate in there! 

Ricotta, fig and hazelnut cheesecake

4. Swiss berry quilt cake

The Swiss are like mums, is there anything they can't do?! Dressed in two decadent coulis, peach and berry, this will make your afternoon tea with your favourite person just a tad more special.


5. Rich flourless hazelnut chocolate cake

It's amazing that something so impressive in both appearance and taste can be so easy to make - and efficiency is one of our mothers' many skills! 

6. Banana cake with native honey ricotta

Banana cake is a classic, it's hard to go wrong. The sweet honey and ricotta on the top make it even harder for mum resist.

Chefs are going beyond banana cake when it comes to producing waste-minimising sweets.

7. Coconut and passionfruit cupcakes with meringue frosting

If you've just indulged mum in a filling lunch, cupcakes are the way to go! Easy to make and packed with a zesty passionfruit flavour, they can even be packaged up for mum to take home. 

Coconut and passionfruit cupcakes with meringue frosting

8. Marbled tres leches cake

Tres leches cakes are hugely popular across Mexico, and for good reason. Serve mum a delicious slice of this decadent bake and wish her a ¡feliz día de la madre! 

9. Hummingbird layer cake with pineapple flowers

This cake looks and taste amazing, and is the perfect way to thank mum for simply being the Wonder Woman, that she is. The banana cream cheese icing is really something else! 

Hummingbird layer cake with pineapple flowers

10. Masala chai carrot cake

Chai (the Hindi word for tea) elevates this from a simple carrot cake to one worthy of a Mother's Day afternoon tea. Let mum sit back as you serve her a slice of this beautiful cake.

Masala chai carrot cake

11. Strawberry kombucha cake 

Definitely, a grown up's cake, watch mum's face as you place it down on the table in front of her. The strawberries give a fresh burst that matches perfectly with the kombucha flavour. 

12. Peach meringue cake (el postre chaja)

Taking its name from a Uruguayan bird, this is a blissful blend of cake, cream, meringue and sweet peaches. It will take a bit of prep, but there's no doubt that mum is worth every second of it! 

Peach meringue cake (el postre chaja)

more baking
White chocolate, blackberry and rosemary mud slice

This slice was inspired by the lovely Sollá, who runs a chain of vegetarian and raw food restaurants in Iceland and who helped me appreciate the potential of vegetarian and raw cooking through her delicious dishes. It was a pleasant surprise to see the popularity of health and raw foods in Reykjavik, with almost every supermarket stocking an impressive range of products. Indeed, with her five restaurants Sollá has had more success in Reykjavik than the famous golden arches, who were forced to close their doors in 2009. Sollá’s original recipe calls for the use of black beans and cacao, which I have adapted here to reflect new Nordic cuisine’s penchant for white chocolate.

Peach and macadamia muffins with lemon glaze

Dense with fruit, studded with macadamias and finished with a thin lemon glaze, these muffins are wholesome yet slightly naughty. Enjoy them at morning or afternoon tea or even for brunch.

Vanilla slice

Vanilla slice seems to be one of those bakery goodies that's always bought and never made. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make, though... and how utterly delicious it is when you do. The trick is to make sure the pastry is well baked and a deep golden colour. Also, sandwiching it between two large oven trays means that the pastry isn’t allowed to ‘puff’ while baking, resulting in a wonderfully crisp casing for the luscious custard filling.