To celebrate Taste le Tour we double (and in some cases triple) the cheese offering... #noregrets
26 Jun 2017 - 4:29 PM  UPDATED 27 Jun 2018 - 2:40 PM

Some choose bike wheels, others chose those of the cheese variety. Why not celebrate both, as the world's finest cyclists head to the land of fine cheese every night on SBS and that means our favourite French chef, Gabriel Gaté graces our screens with his brand-new edition of Taste le TourCatch-up on all the fun so far right here.

Get in the the mood to wheel-y! 21 stages, at least TWO kinds of cheese and a whole lot of delicious late night feasting to come. 

1. Cheese pies (flaounes)

A crispy Cypriot pastry encasing a irresistible mix of haloumi and sheep's cheese, you'll be a fan from the first bite! 

2. Swiss cheese fondue

Perfect for your Tour-watching shindig, a fondue is the best way to give your guests what they came for - cheese. Grab some good bread from the bakery and dip in!

3. Onion and cheese pizza (fugazzeta)

Cycling may not be Argentina's forte, but making a killer cheese pizza is certainly a skill they can claim. With a crisp crust, sink your teeth into this as you cheer your favourite rider on!

4. Lingurian green lasagna (lasagna verde)

In this version of lasagna from northern Italy, the meat is replaced with basil pesto, giving the dish a whole other dimension of flavour (still with the cheesy top, of course!).

5. Quinoa quiche

People in South America have been using quinoa well before it became the favourite new 'super' grain. Fill your house with the delicious smell of baked cheese as you sit down and admire the breathtaking French countryside!

6. Baked eggplant with haloumi and kasseri (pseftomousakas)

While a Greek rider has never won Le Tour, they sure know how to bake cheese into a delicious meal. With juicy eggplants and topped with cheese, this one is an easy meal for weeknight Tour watching.

7. Cheese and caraway pastries (sajtos pogacsa)

These tasty little bites smell incredible when being baked, drawing the crowd to your place with the Tour on the screen and these beauties on their plates

Cheese and caraway pastry

8. Mac 'n' cheese "cupcakes" 

Not only do they look cute, these muffin-like serves of cheesy pasta taste so good! A perfect winters night meal for when you need some easy comfort food.

9. Chipotle roasted tomato soup with grilled cheese fingers

Don't just dip boring pieces of dry toast into your soup, make these cheesy fingers instead! With all the sustenance you need to be cycling up those steep hills, or just watching the pros take care of it, you can't go wrong.

Chipotle roasted tomato soup with grilled cheese fingers

10. Cheese scrolls

Eating these warm out of the oven is the perfect way to enjoy a fresh baked cheese scroll. Add some Vegemite to the mix and do your bit to support our Aussie cyclists! 

11. Three cheese soufflé

Did you know? The French haven't won their own tour since 1985. Give them a hand by buying and devouring three of their best exports in this soufflé. It even has Dijon mustard in it. You're basically a French citizen already. 

Three-cheese souffle

12. Russian cheese dumplings

Cycle on out of here, pork! The Russians have their own version of dumplings, and they're filled with cheese. Something we can definitely get on board with. 

13. Cheese and ham toasted sandwich

Have you seen a cheese toastie that looks this good? Grill one of these bad boys and set yourself up for a night of Le Tour and wholesome, cheesy goodness.

14. Adjaruli khachapuri

Once you're done working out how to pronounce this national dish of Georgia (the country, not the US state), get this one going. It's a loaf of bread with a hole at the top for egg and melted cheese - there will be no leftovers!

15. Swiss chard and herb tart with young cheese

Beautifully rustic and a little bit addictive, this is the perfect warm meal to serve up when settling in for a night on the couch. The feta and ricotta make for a creamy mix alongside a crisp pastry.

16. Pork and fennel sausage frittata

Have some vegetarians coming around to watch the Tour? Simply substitute the pork for some fresh asparagus and everyone's happy! 

17. Roasted black fig and Gorgonzola pizza with pickled onion and vincotto

The sweet figs atop this tasty bread are nicely balanced out with the blue cheese. Serve with a glass of good French red, and take yourself to the sidelines of the race. 

18. Wilted greens, potato and mozzarella tart

With sharp parmesan and stringy mozzarella, this tart calls on the best that cheese has to offer. 

Wilted greens, potato and mozzarella tart

19. Eggplant parmigiana

Everyone loves a classic parmy - and this features the beautiful bocconcini. Throw together a quick French salad and settle in for a cosy night of bakes and bikes. 

20. Savoy potato gratin

In Alpine France, a gratin is usually served as a side, but with all that melted cheese action going on there, we're tempted to dig in and make it a main. 

21. Baked cauliflower, fontina and mandarin

Seemingly an odd combination, grab those mandarins and give this a try, we guarantee you'll be impressed! Go on, for team Cheese! 

Taste le Tour with Gabriel Gaté airs every night from Saturday 7 July and finishes Sunday 29 July 2018. Visit the Taste le Tour website to catch-up on episodes online, scroll through recipes or find out more about the show. 

Vive la cheese
Truffle mac and cheese

The American comfort food classic is given a new lease on life with the luxurious addition of truffles.

Three-cheese mushroom sourdough pizza

The best of both worlds: sourdough bread and pizza.

Twice-cooked cheese soufflé with thyme-pancetta sauce

The flavours in this soufflé are simple but classic. I love the nuttiness of the Comté and the natural saltiness of the pancetta.