Everyone has a special place in their hearts for a scone. Hot, cold, smeared with jam, butter and/or cream we've got a scone to tug at everyone's heart strings.
16 Aug 2017 - 9:33 AM  UPDATED 26 Jul 2019 - 11:30 AM

Start off sweet

Jam, cream, butter - the scone embraces them all during tea o'clock.

1. Good ol' buttermilk

For full effect smother these light scones with red berry jam and lightly whipped cream. For some reason sour buttermilk (or milk with some yoghurt added), makes these scones sensational!

2. Chai-infused

Clove, cardamom, black peppercorn, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, star anise and black tea - this chai infusion is combining teatime with scone time and we love it!

3. Camping-friendly

If you're a sucker for flaky and buttery genius, then this is one recipe you'll have to master; and yes, it's both oven AND campfire friendly! Get Sadie's campfire scone recipe right here.

Sadie's campfire scones

4. Lemonade

Even though they have a reputation for being tricky to make, in reality they're fast and simple, especially when you have a good recipe like this one. The secret to the lightness of these scones is the cream and for lemonade scones, omit the sugar and replace the milk with the same quantity of lemonade. Thank you #Bakeproof!

The original post that sparked the debate had jam on top but plenty say that's the wrong order.

5. Chocolate

Gluten-free, refined-sugar free and packed with chocolate, pistachios and cardamom, these scones will validate your need for a sweet breakfast idea. Get them while they're hot right here.

Chocolate, pistachio & cardamom sconesC

6. Gingerbread

Alongside cream, molasses plays a sticky sweet part in making these spiced version. Baking alert: They bake in 15 minutes!

Gretchen McKay/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

7. Custard addition

Custard apple cream and a mandarin, peppermint and amaranth salad team-up with Peter Kuruvita's easy scones - perfect for those who want to venture beyond the classic lashings.

Channeling scone vibes

Not quite a scone that we may have come to know, these recipes feature the basic scone dough and get a little wild and wonderful with possibility.

8. Jam-filled

Kiflice are filled pastries that look like mini croissants but have a more strudel-scone-like texture. Whilst the dough itself isn't sweet, the jam filling and the icing sugar topping gives this pastry a sweet hit. This recipe uses a red berry jam but you can get creative and use your favourite jam or spread, if you like. 

9. Coffee and raisin rolls

Even though these rolls are based on a scone dough, they resemble more a cakey biscuit. Confused? Just go ahead and bake them, you won't be disappointed… and you'll probably find yourself sneaking an extra slice! #Bakeproof

10. Fried

Matthew Evans' Welsh cakes are pretty much a fried scone packed with long-lasting dried fruits. Perfect for those colder nights, and no oven-baking required! 

Welsh cakes

11. Sticky scrolls

Scone-dough scroll with sticky syrupy sauce? Now that's an easy - and budget-friendly - dessert! Check it out.

12. Life of Pie

Cobblers are based on seasonal fruits and topped with a wet, scone-like mixture. The result is a simple pie of sorts with the topping resembling cobblestones – thought to be the reason for this homely dessert's name. This recipe uses pear and rhubarb, but go wild with your favourite fruity fillings. #Bakeproof

Savour-ing the scone

If you're more on the savoury side of life, then never fear with these scone recipes that talk to the other half of the jam and cream cross-section.

13. Pumpkin, paprika and pecorino

Pumpkin scones are a great afternoon savoury snack and this recipe uses paprika and lots of black pepper to give it an extra-spicy kick. #TheSeasonalCook

14. With mushies

Pretty much a classic savoury ‘cobbler’, this hearty vegetarian main course looks fabulous as you bring it bubbling to the table.

15. Cheese 'n' bacon

A great snack or alongside a warming soup, these scrolls are a world away from the commercially made ones… once you've tried them, you'll never buy another again! #Bakeproof

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