• This sourdough pizza base is chewy and flavoursome with a golden, crisp crust. (Alan Benson)Source: Alan Benson
Steam them, grill them, put them in a burger - mushies could well be the most versatile vegetable to cook with. And, obviously, they're delicious.
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In 1975, British writer Shirley Conran declared that "life is too short to stuff a mushroom", and while we're all leading busy, modern lives, we're sure you'll find time for these glorious mushroom recipes. 

1. Duck and mushroom gözleme

If you've been to a festival, or any shopping centre food court, in the last decade, you will have at least walked past a gözleme seller. They're popular, and for a reason. Feel free to chop and change the fillings; vegetarians can sub the duck for spinach - so long as there are mushrooms inside, it's all good. 

2. Mushroom vols-au-vent

Entertaining this weekend? Vols-au-vents make for great finger food, and this light and delicious mushroom version is one that the vegetarian guests can grab. Featuring three types of our favourite fungi, they're packed with flavour. 

3. Vegetarian mapo tofu with shiitake mushrooms

Warming, healthy and very easy to put together, this is the perfect dish when you're craving a mushroom fix after a busy day. The tofu can be swapped for beef or pork, as per tradition, but it adds a wonderful texture to the dish, soaking up the flavourful sauce.

Vegetarian mapo tofu with shitake mushrooms.

4. Pan-fried mushrooms with red wine and thyme

Mornings are made better with a simple, yet hearty plate of fried mushies on toast - the smell of mushrooms frying away are enough to get everyone out of bed. The red wine, butter and thyme take the brown mushrooms to another level of flavour and juiciness. 

Pan-fried mushrooms in red wine

5. Gnocchi with wild mushroom sauce

This gnocchi recipe is a celebration of Italian know-how, ingredients from the earth and simple technique to create extraordinary flavour and texture. 

Gnocchi in wild mushroom sauce

6. Mushroom and hazelnut tarts

This mushroom base is also brilliant in omelettes and quiches, or over toast. Make sure you caramelise the mushrooms lovingly, so those gorgeous nutty flavours really sing. Get the recipe here.

Easy mushroom and hazelnut tarts

7. Preserved mushrooms in vinegar

Pickling your mushrooms is really easy, and completely gives them a tangy flavour with notes of lemon and garlic. Add in some spices like cinnamon and mace for extra complexity.

8. Mushroom and sour cream cobbler

A scone topping over delicious fried mushrooms. Left to simmer in red wine and vegetable stock, the mushies are perfectly succulent and packed with flavour. Serve with a dollop of sour cream or yoghurt for a real country dinner.

9. Three-cheese mushroom sourdough pizza

Thin and crispy pizzas are great, but when it comes to using sourdough as your base, the more dough, the merrier. Top this chewy concoction of bread and sourdough with a tasty mix of mushies and you're in for a great dinner.

This sourdough pizza base is chewy and flavoursome with a golden, crisp crust.

10. Mushroom cheese toastie

When you get home after a long day and the thought of cooking up a storm is the least appealing idea possible, the humble toastie is your go-to. Quick, simple and, with this recipe, really delicious. The mushrooms sing when sandwiched between cheese, mustard and delicious bread, so dig in! 

Paul West's mushroom cheese toastie

11. Mushroom sherry tarts (torteletten mit pilzen)

A popular snack found in Germany and Switzerland, these mini tarts go perfectly with a glass of wine and are perfect for when entertaining.  

12. Wild mushroom risotto with egg and black truffle

Turning the fanciness up a notch, this risotto uses mixed wild mushrooms to create a truly indulgent dish. You may need to hit a specialist deli for some of the ingredients, but it'll be well worth it.

13. Chorizo-stuffed mushrooms (champiñones rellenos de chorizo)

A side found at many an Argentine asado (barbecue), these are stuffed mushrooms that are as delicious as they are vibrant. Look for large field mushies to get the best holder for the chorizo mix.

14. Rosemary skewers of chargrilled sherry-scented mushrooms

Quick and easy to whip up, these mushroom skewers make for a great vegetarian option at barbecues. To get the most rosemary flavour, skewer the mushies a few hours or even a day ahead of grilling them. 

15. Mushroom pasties (paszteciki z pieczarkami)

In Poland, foraging for mushrooms as a family is a traditional (and delicious) pastime. Once back in the kitchen with a basket full of the fresh beauties, these pasties are a hearty reward for all the hard work. 

16. Wild shaxi mushrooms wok tossed with cured pork

Luke Nguyen's recipe for a really quick and easy wok-toss is healthy and satisfying. According to Luke, mushrooms naturally have umami flavour, so you don't need to add any sauces or flavourings to this dish. 

17. Portobello peach burgers

Even if you're not a vegetarian, you'll find these mushroom burgers hard to say no to. Go for a big Portobello mushie that will be chewy and juicy when you grill it for the burger. A side of chips never hurt, either. 

Portobello peach burgers

18. Lamb, spelt and mushroom soup with green sauce

With a nutty flavour, spelt is perfect for adding into a hearty soup. Lamb works as a great compliment to spelt, and mushies... , well they're a great compliment to anything. 

19. Asparagus and shiitake tart

Made with the lard pastry recipe that Matthew Evans' mum passed down to him, this bake looks, smells and tastes incredible. Grab some fresh shiitake mushrooms for the earthy flavour that goes so well with the cheese and garlic.

Want more? Check out our mushroom collection here.

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