• Food Safari's orange almond cake just keeps on giving. (Alan Benson)Source: Alan Benson
From our number one cake to a Bundt that's way simpler than it looks, here's how to transform the humble orange into rave-worthy desserts.
20 Sep 2017 - 2:44 PM  UPDATED 25 Jul 2021 - 2:39 PM


1. Naked orange poppy seed cake with orange blossom frosting

Three times the orange power in this celebration cake: oranges in the cake, orange blossom water in the buttercream and candied orange to decorate.  

2. Gluten-free beetroot, hazelnut and orange brownies

If you haven't tried beetroot in baking, we think this is the perfect place to start. Beetroot and chocolate go really well together - and when you add hazelnut and orange to the mix, you get Anneka Manning's amazing gluten-free brownies.

3. Pistachio and orange truffle bites

When you just need a little bite, waiting for you in the fridge - or if you've got friends over, a post-dinner treat to serve with tea and coffee. They’re gooey and indulgent with an ever-so-slightly chewy texture inside and a crunchy outside. This one was shared with us by Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella

4. Orange and almond cake

From the early days of Food Safari, this is consistently our most popular cake recipe - for good reason. It's so easy. Whole oranges are boiled for two hours and then puréed skin, pips and all. This cake is incredibly moreish making it the perfect all-rounder. 

Food Safari's orange almond cake just keeps on giving.

5. Blood orange tart

If you like a classic lemon tart, then try this when blood oranges are in season. Paul West's blood orange tart is a little less bitey, a little warmer than the classic. 

Paul West's delicious blood orange tarts make for a perfect afternoon tea snack

6. Orange-pistachio Bundt cake with saffron syrup

Stylish as heck, right? The cake itself is a simple one-bowl mix whipped up in the food processor, but when baked in a decorative Bundt cake tin and infused with almost fluorescent saffron syrup, it wows.

Orange and pistachio bundt cake with saffron syrup

7. Almond-orange syrup cakes

These easily-made cakes (you just stir everything together) are typical of sweets found in the cuisines of the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean, where ground nuts (pistachios, almonds, walnuts) and semolina are widely used. Their slightly gritty texture works beautifully with the infused sugar syrup.

8. Orange filo pie (portokalopita)

The Greeks really know how to rock a custard dessert. This crispy, syrupy, custardy concoction makes perfect use of Greece’s famed yoghurt, which is strained to remove the whey to create a thicker, creamier result. Believed to hail from Crete, this rich pie makes use of the island’s orange bounty, resulting in a refreshingly zesty dessert that’s delicious served warm in winter or chilled with ice cream in summer.

9. Chocolate, orange and fennel seed custard fritti

It's custard. It's a fried thing. Do you need to know anything else? (A great way to use up orange peel when you've juiced oranges for another recipe.)

Oranges do savoury too
Ginger, orange and star anise poached fish

After a quick dinner that's big in flavour and low in fat? We have the recipe for you. Think aromatic broth, gently poached fish and steamed Asian greens. Healthy and incredibly delicious, this one is a no-brainer for mid-week meals.

Radicchio salad with orange and walnut dressing

Inspired by the stalls at the Mt Claremont farmer’s market in Perth, this salad charred radicchio salad is perfect for your summer salad table.

Honey and orange-glazed chicken

While this dish is not a feature on every Seder menu, roast chicken is much-loved Jewish comfort food. Every family has their own version, which is typically served on the Friday night Shabbat meal and during festivals, such as Passover.