Baked whole, poached in milk or folded into soft tortillas, fish is versatile and delicious. Matthew Evans' tips make it even easier to enjoy fish more often.
4 Oct 2017 - 11:49 AM  UPDATED 4 Oct 2017 - 11:51 AM

Whole baked flounder

Make sure you're using good quality, fresh fish, "It shouldn't smell fishy at all". And when the fish is of a really good quality, you don't need to do much to turn it into a delicious feast. This flounder can be cooked over hot coals or in an oven to give a soft flesh.


Poached in milk, this is a traditional fish recipe from Provence. When making the potatoes to mix the fish with, don't salt them straight away, wait and see how salty the fish is, then add more if needed.

Pickled fish

Matthew's mate Nick shared his tips for how best to pickle fish - a common preserve made in Scandinavia. "I reckon the best flavour combination with pickled fish is onion. I use heaps of onion." Once you've let the liquid simmer and the fish has been cured, layer them one after the other in a jar and leave to pickle.

Salted fish roe (bottarga)

Used only in small amounts, as it's quite intense, bottarga is fish roe that's been salted and cured. The smaller the eggs, the better. Make sure you keep them cold and clean as they cure, otherwise they'll go off (and stink your kitchen out!). 

Baked leatherjacket with tomatoes and capers

Leatherjacket isn't commonly found on restaurant menus or on family dinner tables. Discover the wonderful flavour and texture of the fish in this vibrant pan bake. Allow the leatherjacket to absorb as much of the sauce as possible for the best flavour.

Flathead tacos

A great way to liven up taco night, try using fish rather than beef or chicken. Flathead, or any other firm fish, works best for this as you cut the fillets into little cubes for the tortillas. 

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