Homemade tomato sauce, punchy mustard, lemon curd and chocolate ganache, these are the stars worth filling up your pantry and fridge with.
6 Oct 2017 - 10:26 AM  UPDATED 6 Oct 2017 - 10:26 AM

Those loveable, satisfying sides that become part of your kitchen family (because they're so good!). Matthew Evans you've done it again! 

1. Nick's tomato sauce

Sometimes the best recipes are those that have been inherited and this tomato sauce recipe is just that. Tried, tested and now a staple, you can make a big batch, bottle it and makes for a great edible gift idea as well. #ThinkingAhead

Homemade tomato sauce

2. Ross's stout mustard

Use stout to create a wonderful deep flavour in this easy mustard. It's ideal for spooning alongside your snags or spread on your lunchtime sanga.

Homemade stout mustard

3. Ross's horseradish mustard

This Dijon-style mustard with a little more kick is essentially blending French and German versions and is great way to add extra punch to your steak or on your next charcuterie board.

4. Newland's tomato sauce

Handed down form Matthew Evans's great-grandma Annie, this tomato sauce is a staple on Fat Pig Farm and this is one sauce you'll be loving to call your own. Get this recipe here.

Newland's tomato sauce

5. Matthew's Worcestershire sauce

Some might say it’s not Worcestershire sauce unless it’s come from Worcestershire. Well, that may be true, but what else to call Matthew's version of this classic dark sauce? This is a cracking version you can easily whip up at home - plus, hold the anchovies, it's vegan-friendly as well.

6. Lemon curd

Lemon, egg, butter & sugar - all pantry staples, which means you can get your zesty curd on with ease. Use it in a this apple shortcake or simply spread it on toast.

7. Chocolate ganache

Serious wow-factor! With cream and good quality chocolate, you too can jazz up a simple chocolate cake with a glossy layer of ganache. Get Matthew's chocolate cake and chocolate ganache recipes right here.

Matthew Evan's chocolate cake

8. Blackcurrant jam

This is a thick, rich, decadent jam that packs a punch. It’s dense with the glorious flavour of blackcurrants, which spread thickly on toast. A little goes a long way and you can add a spoonful in icing to really transform your cake.

9. Apple sauce

A light pastry dough cooked in butter, apple and honey - virtually all of Matthew Evans' favourite things all in one pan. You can really taste the difference by using freshly squeezed apple juice here. Get this recipe here.

Dumplings in apple sauce


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