It begins with potatoes and ends with love cake...
8 Nov 2017 - 2:09 PM  UPDATED 8 Nov 2017 - 2:09 PM

We delve deep into herb and spice territory on this week's Food Safari Earth and we show-off some of the recipes that are giving our spice rack (and tastebuds) a serious workout.

1. The sidekick takes charge

A classic Bengali dish, shukto makes use of the delicious veg you've got in the house and is commonly served as a starter or sensationally refreshing sidekick to your next curry.

Indian shukto

2. Eggs-traordinary 

Read this Persian recipe and you’re thinking herb frittata - assemble it and you realise that herbs are the supreme stars and eggs simply bind it all together.

Food Safari's Persian omelette (kuku sabzi)

3. Spud life

For potato lovers who like a hint of spice, this Indian recipe is the best thing in the world! Cumin, coriander, turmeric, chilli and all the seeds to boot - it's the snap, crackle and pop as you fry the spices that kick-off the beginning of something special.

Gujarati potatoes

4. Turkey's answer to san choy bao

While lamb makes for a great köfte, lentils alongside the right mix of herbs and spices do the job just as well, if not better! Check out this Turkish san choy bao.

Red lentil kofte

5. What's better than one spice?

Five-spice! This recipe makes more five-spice mix than you need, but you can store the rest in an airtight container for another day and then you can have all things salty and peppery delights on hand whenever you like.

6. Make your curry sing

With an abundance of herbs and chilli by your side, you can honestly wield serious power over your curry potential and this eggplant and pumpkin Thai green curry will show you the way.

Eggplant and pumpkin green curry

7. Go for gold

Dukkah is an Egyptian dry mix of roasted nuts, seeds and spices finely blended together. Traditionally dukkah is eaten by dipping fresh Egyptian bread first into olive oil and then into the nut mixture, but it also serves as a versatile seasoning in Egyptian cooking. Get this recipe here.

8. Winner chicken dinner

A classic Sri Lankan chicken curry that’s full of flavour and best made with chicken on the bone. Serve with string hoppers and rice for a divine feast.

9. Seal the deal

Chef Ajoy Joshi is a spice blend master and it rings so true in this chicken recipe that soaks up all the spices to form a fragrant coating. This dish involves covering the saucepan with a bowl with a little water inside it instead of a lid. As the chicken cooks in its own juices, it creates steam that holds the bowl in place, sealing in all the delicious flavours. The result is amazingly tender – as if the chicken has been steamed.

Indian-style Hyderabadi chicken

10. Let the slow-cooking do the talking

It's full of gentle spices and warm comfort, and a Pakistani favourite. Haleem gets its lovely sticky consistency from constant stirring, so give yourself up to the hypnotic cooking and enjoy the aromas as you do.


11. Love me, love me

Dial up your love of cake and spice with this family favourite that calls on preserved pumpkin and lime zest. The cake itself is made from semolina and many eggs, creating a fragrant, sweet, lightly spiced cake with a moist chewy inside and a crunchy exterior. 

Sri Lankan love cake

Have we got your attention and your tastebuds? Brand-new series Food Safari Earth airs 8pm, Thursdays on SBS then on SBS On Demand. For recipes and more visit the program site right here.

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