Who said omelettes didn't have an adventurous side?
9 Nov 2017 - 10:57 AM  UPDATED 9 Nov 2017 - 10:57 AM

Don't relegate your eggs to only mornings - before you know it, lunch and dinner will want a piece of the action.


1. Omelette with tofu, greens and kecap manis

Packed with vegetables and scattered with chillies, peanuts and herbs, this omelette is packed with texture and spice and is great for breakfast or an easy weeknight dinner.


2. Sweet spiced pasta with omelette and pistachios

This sweet-savoury pasta dish is served for breakfast or as a dessert during the fasting month of Ramadan in the United Arab Emirates. This dish requires fine dried pasta such as capellini or angel hair and the spicing shows Middle Eastern and Indian influences, both of which are common threads in Emirati foo


3. Beaufort omelette 

This cheese omelette filled with potato and herbs is a common evening meal in the Alps. Beaufort is a semi-hard French cheese with a slightly sweet taste and it makes a great melting cheese, often used in fondue, but if unavailable, use Gruyère or Emmenthal cheese instead.


4. Crab and spinach frittata rolls

It begins with onion and garlic and is finished with eggs, spinach, chives, parmesan, seasoned with salt and pepper. The sweet crabmeat complements with the spinach and egg in these easy rolls.


5. Chorizo and goat's cheese frittata

You say potato, we say frittata. You say chorizo, we say frittata. You say cheese. We say, smile — we've just put breakfast on the table.


6. Kuku sabzi

What an eye opener this dish is - read the recipe and you’re thinking herb frittata - assemble it and you realise that herbs are the supreme stars and eggs simply bind it all together. 

Food Safari's Persian omelette (kuku sabzi)


7. Rolled egg omelette

This Korean-style rolled omelette is typically made with one or two types of chopped vegetables. But the filling options are endless, including onion, mushroom, ham, bacon, zucchini, carrot and tuna.


8. Herbed ricotta soufflé omelette

Now, this is the brunch dish to choose if you’re looking to serve something a little special. It’s indulgent and completely memorable and, on the off chance you have any leftover, it reheats very well, too.


9. Egg fried rice

This basic fried rice is a good choice for your first attempt at wok-frying. No meat or delicate vegetables to worry about – Adam Liaw shares a simple dish that will work well with good wok technique.


10. Silverbeet frittata

This is an old-fashioned Dutch favourite. Try this silverbeet filled version hot or cold served with salad and potatoes for a satisfying meal.


11. Breakfast tacos

Shake up your first meal of the day with these tasty Mexican-inspired egg tacos. This will leave your regular toast for dead.

These breakfast tacos will leave your regular toast for dead.


12. Nori omelette with miso mushroom broth

This recipe is a great way to start your day. Place each omelette in a shallow serving bowl and pour over the miso mushroom broth and top with the extra nori and spring onion.

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