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Now all you need is a board big enough to fit it all on.
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Big crowds call for big servings, and that's exactly what you get when you put together the perfect snacking board for your next get together. To start things off, we recommend you channel your inner Francophile with a selection of excellent cheeses. From there, the board is your oyster.

Go for a mix of soft and hard, like Beaufort and brie.

Mighty meats and salty seafood

1. Chargrilled baby calamari

A favourite around coastal Greece, find the freshest catch you can and marinate overnight for these tender beauties.

2. Devils on horseback with preserved lemon and almond

An almond, inside a prune, inside a slice of prosciutto with some preserved lemon and sage to jazz things up a little, and you've got a devil on horseback. A 70s British platter favourite, it's time to bring them back to your entertaining trays. 

This recipe uses prosciutto plus you get an extra salty tang and sharpness from preserved lemon which works so well with the sweet prune and crunch of almond.
3. Quick pickled sardines (le sardines rapide au vinaigre)

Traditionally, pickled sardines made in coastal French villages would take days to prepare, but this version just needs a night of marinating and you're good to go. 

4. Potato, cavolo nero and prosciutto croquettes 

Best served piping hot with mayonnaise or aïoli, you can't go wrong with this mix of creamy potato, earthy cavolo nero and salty prosciutto.

5. Fresh anchovies (acciughe fresh)

Quick to oven bake and topped with breadcrumbs, chilli and herbs, you can eat these anchovies hot or cold, making them perfect for a large platter.

6. Salmon gravalax with Dijon crème fraîche dressing and pickled cucumbers

This salmon gravlax makes a stunning party platter, especially when presented with its delicious accompaniments – the creamy dressing, homemade pickled cucumber and toasted rye bread.

Salmon gravlax with Dijon crème fraîche dressing and pickled cucumbers

Olives that pop 

7. Deep-fried quince-stuffed green olives

A very handy platter recipe to have on hand, as these can be bulk-stuffed and left in the fridge until the time arises. Tell stress to get stuffed. 

8. Deep-fried stuffed olives

Stuffed with pork, veggies and spices, you'll need to pick out the biggest olives you can find, so as to get as much of the mixture inside them. A popular wedding food in Italy, but we're not going to stop you serving these for any old reason!

Olive ascolane is a popular wedding food in Italy.

Crackers and nuts

9. Olive oil wafers

Straightforward to make, yet they look and taste just like the ones you buy (if not, better). 

10. Green olive grissini

Just 25 minutes and you've got a cup filled with these twisted platter essentials. Perfect for dipping or just crunching on by themselves.

Dirty Bloody Mary

11. Rosemary-spiced cashews

These aromatic and extremely moreish nuts bring together rosemary, orange, cumin and salt in a wonderful combination. They are dead-easy to whip up and certainly deserve a place on your platter.

12. Mixed seed and fig crackers 

Pair these nutty, slightly sweet crackers up with a soft cheese or creamy dip and you'll regret not opting for homemade sooner. They'll keep in an airtight container for 2 weeks, so bake some extras and snack away after the party!

Pass the cheese, please

13. Marinated feta

Marinate your cubed feta at least a week in advance so the herbs have the opportunity to pass on all their flavour. The oil will go solid in the fridge, so leave for an hour on the bench before serving up. 

14. Sweet goat's cheese croquettes

Served alongside fresh figs and a delicious rhubarb dipping sauce, these fried gems bring out the sweet side of cheese, and pair excellently with salty meats and olives.

15. Mozzarella with roasted garlic and black olives

Have the serviettes on hand, this cheese, garlic and olive medley can get a bit oily (but what's a good platter without some messy fingers?). Have the mozzarella at room temperature before serving. 

Veggies that'll steal the show

16. Melted leek and ricotta tartine

Consider this recipe as a base for whatever flavour you're craving. Go nuts and replace the leeks with fennel, greens, carrots or tomatoes. Add fresh herbs, spices or bits of bacon, it's your platter!

17. Zucchinis stuffed with cheese 

I mean, is there really much that needs to be said to convince you to have this on your platter? The blue cheese / ricotta mix is creamy and sharp and goes amazingly with the baked zucchini. 

Stuffed zucchinis

18. Roasted pickled eggplant

The roasting, pickling and added oil ends up making a more antipasto-style of pickle, like those you buy from the delicatessen. They’re perfect for picnics!

Roasted pickled eggplant

19. Bread and butter cucumber pickles

Smaller cucumbers are the way to go with this recipe, given their lower water quantity. Feel free to experiment with spices, you could use whole chillies, garlic cloves, bay leaves, turmeric and strips of lemon zest. 

Dip it good

20. Baba ganoush

A chunkier version of this smoky Middle Eastern classic dip, grab yourself a vibrant assortment of capsicums, pomegranate and herbs and dip away. 

21. Fig paste (pasta me syko)

A log-shaped paste wrapped in a fig paste - if this isn't on your board, then is it a antipasto platter? 

Fig paste (pasta me syko)

22. Ross's horseradish mustard

If store-bought mustard just doesn't cut it for you, try this horseradish-infused version which really packs a flavour kick. 

23. Labna

When excess whey is removed from salty yoghurt, you get this beautiful stuff, a velvety, cream cheese-like spread that is made for olives, tomato and cucumber. It's also very easy to make, just leave a few hours for it to stand. 

And if you need even more inspiration... 

BONUS Mezze platter favourites

A mix of some of Greece's best finger foods and nibbles, either go for the whole array or pick what takes your fancy. 


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