• These toffees are made for Christmas, but they're delicious at any time of year! (Jacqui Small / Lisa Linder)
No time, no problem! These edible gifts can be made on the day, and are sure to satisfy a sweet tooth.
12 Dec 2017 - 3:48 PM  UPDATED 4 Dec 2019 - 9:06 AM

Just add a little cellophane and ribbon, and you're all good to go! 

Biscuits and cookies 

Mastiha shortbread stars

Also known as mastic, mastiha gives this Greek-inspired shortbread a light pine flavour. 

Mastiha shortbread stars

Kakas and babas

One dough, two uses! These Jewish cookies do double duty to make it look like you've slaved away for days.

Love note fortune cookies

Send love, festive wishes good fortune or whatever you want with these customisable edible gifts. 

Cumin, black pepper and ghee shortbread

Ghee makes this Indian flavoured biscuit super flaky - perfect with a side of strong black tea. 

Pfeffernüsse (spice cookies)

Rolled in icing sugar for that extra-frosty look. White Christmas, anyone?

Often associated with Christmas in Germany, these bite-sized mouthfuls of gingerbread deliciousness actually originated in Scandinavia

Cookie love
Speculaas (Dutch spiced cookies)

Like little pieces of art, these deliciously buttery Dutch spice biscuits are made using a traditional springerle mould, or you can improvise with our clever cheat's tip.

Rudolph biscuits

You start with a gingerbread man, turn him upside down and then you have Rudolph. It is simple and brilliant – the kids will go crazy for these!


Nut and seed brittle (mewa chikki)

This Indian brittle uses fox nuts and edible gum to give you that extra crunch!

Bacon bourbon brittle

Because bacon. Just 30 minutes is all you need to whip up this sweet-salty treat! 

Saffron almond brittle (sohan-e qom)

This amber Persian almond brittle is studded with sour barberries to cut through the richness. Gift it with a jar of cardamom black tea to complete the experience! 

Mocha popcorn with sesame brittle

Your coffee-addict friends will love you for this! 


Candied ginger (mut gung)

Pro-tip: you can also just add hot water and lemongrass to serve up ginger tea! A candy that multitasks - you're welcome. 

Sesame snap candy (ggae gwa ja)

Made with just three ingredients, this Korean candy even keeps for up to 3 months. 

Swedish Christmas toffee (knäck)

Made with caramel and condensed milk, so you know it's good. 

These toffees are made for Christmas, but they're delicious at any time of year!

Pistachio, cranberry and honey nougat (nougat de Montpellier)

Give this crunchy French nougat a middle eastern or Indian twist by simply changing up the filling. 

Superfood nut butter cups

For that peanut butter cup addict in your life - put these in orange wrapping for that special touch. 

Marbled marshmallows

Once you master these, you'll also be able to make rocky road, s'mores, and sweet potato pie

I want candy
White chocolate bark

Make a pretty edible gift for friends and family with the fragrant flavours of the Middle East. Package into cellophane bags or small white boxes, sprinkle with some more rose petals and tie with ribbon and  flower.

Fleur de Sel pecan caramels

These delightful caramels are soft and chewy with a salty edge to balance against the sugary sweetness.

Milk toffee (kiri aluwa)

This Sri Lankan milk toffee has a soft texture and sweet, caramelised milk flavour.


Harmony granola

Made with teff, Inca berries and Brazil nuts, this granola is sure to start their day right. 

Harmony granola

Sweet potato granola

Grain-free, sugar-free and dairy-free, this one is for the friends with food sensitivities. 

Sweet potato granola

Maple, cardamom and almond granola

Eating it is the only thing better than the smell of maple and cardamom wafting through the house as you make it! 

Cereal killers
Granola bars

Packed with oats, flaxseeds and chia seeds, to get the full effect of these healthy wheat-free breakfast bars, dip in chocolate. 

Buckwheat and coconut granola clusters

Sprinkle these on smoothies, yoghurt, porridge, chia puddings or just enjoy them as a snack.

Superfood granola with homemade almond-macadamia milk

This superfood granola incorporates a large amount of nuts, seeds and grains that have high nutritional integrity. 

Crunchy things

Spiced maple nut and seeds

Eat Swedish nuts by the fire and imagine you're enjoying a wintery Christmas. 

Salty caramel and Brazil nut popcorn clusters

Get these clusters out in 30 minutes - from stove to mouth! 

Spiced nuts

Tossed in a spice mix of cayenne pepper, five-spice and soy sauce, these roasted nuts will pack a punch that'll blow their socks (and jocks!) off. 

Sweet-and-salty toffeed macadamias

Creamy macadamias, crisp toffee shell. What more can you want? 


Banoffee popcorn crunch

Because banana+caramel=love. 

And if you have no time at all...

Multipurpose baking mix

If you want to gift the joy of baking (and you've completely run out of time!) then a bake mix might be the answer! Simply put together this multipurpose baking mix into a jar, and include a little recipe card on the side. If you want to get real fancy, you could also make a hamper by including flavours and toppings like blueberries, lemon and cinnamon. 

Pancake mix

You can also make any of your favourite recipe into a quick gift-in-a-jar. Simply place all of the dry ingredients into a jar, and include instructions on the gift tag! Bonus points if you include add-ons like chocolate chips, dried fruit, or even crushed up candy canes with a chocolate pancake mix

Pancake inspo
Pancakes with saffron syrup

Pancakes with sugar and lemon will never quite cut it again after you’ve tried these fluffy fennel-infused yoghurt pancakes, soaked in a fragrant saffron-and-cardamom syrup, and topped with pistachios. Popular in the Bengali regions of Bangladesh and India, malpua vary from place to place, but are generally served as a dessert or snack during festivals.

Paleo choc-chip pancakes with nut butter and berry jam

“Perfecting a healthy pancake was high on our to-do list and it’s taken us two years to come up with this recipe. Believe it or not, these pancakes pack a seriously healthy punch. We love to serve our pancakes with loads of toppings, two of our favourites are nut butter and berries.” Emma and Carla Papas, The Merrymaker Sisters

Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes are a hawker-food favourite that come in as many variations – from fluffy to raisin-filled – as times during the day which they are eaten.

And one more thing...

Caramel sauce

For the foodie that has everything, there is always caramel sauce. And the best part? It only takes 30 minutes to make! Gift this with a box of quality sea salt to complete the present. Salted caramel milkshakes, puddings and waffles, here we come! 

Get gifting
Swiss chocolate and almond spice cookies (basler brunsli)

Satisfyingly sweet, slightly chewy and subtly spiced, these addictive chocolate cookies are also gluten free. A specialty of Basel, in northern Switzerland, the German zimtsterne is a close cousin of this Christmas cookie.

150+ biscuit ideas
Get bikkie creative with all the classics, as well as a few fun variations that are sure to satisfy those cravings.
Norwegian almond butter biscuits (serinakaker)

One of the most quintessential Norwegian biscuits and considered one of the ‘Seven Sorts’ (the traditional Christmas cakes and biscuits of Norway) these delicate, buttery biscuits are delightfully simple. Finished with a sprinkling of pearl sugar or chopped almonds, I promise you won’t be able to stop at just one!

Fleur de Sel pecan caramels

These delightful caramels are soft and chewy with a salty edge to balance against the sugary sweetness.

Honey and orange blossom marshmallows

Making these at home is easy, so long as you stick to the cooking temperatures and times.