• Village-style feta börek (Shane Delia's Spice Journey - Turkey)
If you love lamb, haloumi and more lamb then check out the top 10 most popular recipes from our SBS Food star Shane Delia.
20 Dec 2017 - 10:46 AM  UPDATED 15 Jan 2018 - 12:05 PM

1. Slow-roasted lamb shoulder with flavours of shawarma

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the kitchen on Christmas day while all your guests are enjoying themselves outside, so this DIY lamb shawarma recipe is the perfect solution. It’s the easiest roast lamb you’ll ever make and it pairs beautifully with the carrot and yoghurt dip and the pickled onion salad. All wrapped up in a warm flat-bread – it’s the best Christmas present ever!

2. Village-style feta börek

The secret to making this spicy sausage and feta stuffed pastry is to brush a mixture of water, oil and a little bit of salt over the top before baking. This really is the difference between nice and amazing börek. The smoked eggplant mayo will make more than you need, but trust us, it’s so good it won’t go to waste.

Village-style feta börek

3. 12-hour roasted lamb with pistachio and green olive tabbouleh

A Maha favourite. At the restaurant, Shane marinates the lamb in the ground spices for three days to increase flavour and tenderise the meat. If you don’t have the time, marinate the lamb overnight for this Middle Eastern recipe. 

4. Lamb shoulder tagine

Tagine is the dish of Morocco and everyone has their own spin on it, but for Shane, the two classic flavours are dates and lamb. Don’t worry if you don’t have a tagine – use a good quality heavy-based saucepan with a well-fitting lid instead.

5. Slow-roasted lamb with jewelled yoghurt

Rubbed in garlic, anchovies and sabaht baharat, then slow-roasted for 12 hours, this lamb is intensely flavoured and meltingly tender. Keep an eye on the lamb in the final stage of cooking, as the skin will caramelise quickly.

6. Syrian-style hummus lamb kebab

The secret to Syrian-style hummus is that it’s made with roasted chickpeas and that’s what gives it its rich flavour. The kebabs are just as simple – no marinating or heavy seasoning required to make this dish pop.

7. Lamb shank testi kebab

In many parts of Turkey, this braised lamb shank dish is still made the traditional way – with a handmade clay pot, a tandoor oven and a hole in the ground. For this recipe, a good heavy-based casserole with a tight-fitting lid will do the trick just as well. Serve as is or with a burghul pilaf.

8. Grilled haloumi salad

Good-quality haloumi is the key to making this simple dish sing. Have everything ready before you cook the haloumi as this dish is best eaten fresh off the chargrill.

9. Kaymak ice-cream, chocolate soil, simit tuille

Kaymak is a Turkish version of clotted cream, but you can use either in this ultimate treat combining chocolate, honey and simit with kaymak to make a knockout dessert.

10. Pork and pea pastizzi

Shane infuses Malta’s signature dish with some of his own flair by filling the traditional pide-dough pastizzi with a six-hour slow-braised pork filling.

Pork and pea pastizzi

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