• White peach agua fresca (Alan Benson)Source: Alan Benson
Summer - sun, beach, parties... and heat! Here are a few fresh sips to help keep you cool for the summer.
27 Dec 2017 - 8:14 AM  UPDATED 10 Jan 2022 - 6:15 AM

When the going gets hot, the hot gets drinking!

Sparkling apple vodka drinks

This refreshing summer spritzer is a little like a cocktail called a tatanka (no, not the wrestler!), which is just bison grass vodka (yes, there is such a thing) and apple juice.


Kombucha - not just a hipster favourite! This fizzy fermented ‘iced tea’ is made by adding a SCOBY (short for ‘symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast’) to a batch of brewed tea. Steep with different fruits to change up the flavours!

Recipes for kombucha appears in popular cookbooks, such as Sarah Wilson's 'I Quit Sugar: Simplicious'.

Raspberry vodka slushie

This is a grown-up version of a slushy - think more booze and less convenience store! Be careful, though, the lurid colour and its sweet deliciousness can trick you into forgetting this drink is laden with booze.

Raspberry vodka slushie

Cucumber-infused gin and grapefruit spritzer

This refreshing South African gin drink is infused with cucumber, intensifying the perfect flavour partnership between the two. Cucumber + gin = perfection! 

Sunset in Jalisco

A little sour and sweetened with herb-infused agave syrup, this is the perfect cocktail to accompany Mexican food. Pro tip: make the base ahead of time for a party, and top up with ice and prosecco as the guests arrive. 

Sunset in Jalisco

The neverending sherbet

Tükenmez is a sustainable home version of the kind of sherbet you used to buy in the street from hawkers with tanks on their backs – still seen occasionally in some parts of eastern Turkey. Think kombucha, but fermented with chickpeas instead of a scoby. Best part? You can keep it going for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! 

Persian princess rosewater and saffron water kefir

This beautiful amber Persian drink is a classy way to beat the heat! Perfumed with rosewater, this is sometimes served as a digestive elixir. For an indulgent treat, top high with Persian fairy floss.

Princess rosewater kefir

Roasted Piña Colada

Upgrade your Piña Colada by roasting your pineapples - the sharp tanginess gets transformed, and mellows out to sweet, caramel notes that bring this classic drink to the next level! 

Roasted Piña Colada

Spiced rum and grapefruit drink

Jamaica - home of spicy jerk chicken, and also, spicy drinks! If you haven’t made the pepper rum, simply add a sliced chilli or two to this recipe. And if you're feeling reeeeeal fancy? A bit of salt around the rim of the glass isn’t out of the question either.

Watermelon granita dark & stormy

There's nothing that screams summer more than watermelon and cocktails. Based on a Bermudan trademarked cocktail, Dark ‘n’ Stormy, made with Goslings Black Seal Rum, it is a drink for the sailors, made with ginger beer to help with sea-sickness and rum to keep you nice.

Watermelon granita dark & stormy

White peach agua fresca

Agua fresca is a drink sold by street vendors throughout Mexico, and their carts are loaded with huge glass barrels of delicious thirst-quenching fruity flavours. One favourite is watermelon or strawberry, but right now we’re using white peaches from a nearby orchard.

White peach agua fresca

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