Whether you're planning an intimate picnic for two or festive picnic for twenty, these vibrant portable dishes have you covered.
19 Jan 2018 - 2:56 PM  UPDATED 7 Jan 2018 - 9:05 AM


Picnic punch

Fresh ginger juice brings a zing to this beverage that was just made for summer outdoor dining. 

Watermelon and basil gin fizz

If you're after a refreshing punch with a boozy kick, try this pretty picnic number.

Bread and dips

Olive and rosemary focaccia

The predecessor to modern pizza, focaccia is designed to accompany larger meals and makes it the perfect accompaniment for picnic spreads. A good dose of salty olives and aromatic herbs make this version really stand out.

Homemade pide

Give the corn chips and crackers a break and try serving your dips with this straightforward flatbread. 

Eggplant and miso dip

Miso brings caramel-like quality to this creamy eggplant dip, which can also be used as a condiment for meat and a spread for sandwiches. 

Beetroot dip

A brightly coloured dip that will bring the party to your picnic. 

Salads and sustenance

Roasted red onion salad with feta and walnuts

This salad has a well-balanced mix of sweet roasted onions, briny feta and crunchy walnuts, giving it a multi-dimensional flavour appeal. 

Israeli Salad

A refreshing cooling and vibrant salad of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and mint mixed up in a lemony sumac-laced dressing. 

Why this easy fix actually works.

Five-grain salad

Textured and nutty, this salad is packed with protein to make it filling as well as tasty.

Cajun fried chicken with a green chilli and coriander dressing

Golden fried chicken has a place on any summer picnic spread. This lively dressing adds a refreshing touch, and could be used with other meats and as a salad dressing.

Cajun fried chicken with a green chilli and coriander dressing

Baked falafel with tomato herb salad & tahini sauce

These felafel are baked rather than deep-fried, makes them a lighter, healthier version perfect for warmer weather banquets. 

Slow-roasted beef brisket

Cooking low and gives this beef a dreamy depth of flavour, and the tangy homemade Worcestershire sauce adds a unique zing and extra richness. Note that 10-12 hours of roasting time is required, so you'll need to get a day head-start on this recipe.   


Peach curd and rosewater tartlets with basil whipped cream

These summery-looking little tarts are a fun change on more common lemon curd, and make the most of seasonal stone-fruit. Rosewater and basil bring some floral and herby flavours of the park. 

Pistachio and raspberry brownies

Traditional brownies get a pretty and festive touch with a sprinkling of grassy pistachios and bursting raspberries. They're easy to transport and share, and look impressive.

More picnic spread options
Broad bean salad with pepitas and oats

The herb booch vinaigrette is a delicious addition and adds to the available goodness.

Coconut raspberry jam slice

This is similar to the classic coconut jam slice, except this one is gluten free and made with chia jam. It is slightly softer, but just as moreish. 

Walnut and red capsicum dip

A great way to eat a rainbow - The more different plants you eat, the more diverse your biome, and the healthier your digestion. 

Butashabu salad

The key to this dish is having the pork sliced very finely. It’s a standard cut in Japan but thinly sliced pork belly can be a little hard to find here. It’s available frozen from Asian grocers, or fresh from Asian butchers. If you don’t have an Asian butcher nearby, your normal butcher may slice it for you by hand if you ask them very nicely.

Coconut chicken strips with avocado dipping sauce

The kids will love this family-friendly fried chicken dish with a coconutty twist. And because it’s served with a tasty avocado dipping sauce, they can eat with their fingers – cutlery is optional!