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No one will ever know...
31 Jan 2018 - 10:05 AM  UPDATED 18 Aug 2019 - 11:41 AM

1. Pass the pasties

Cauliflower and leek get a cheesy fix in these pasties. Perfect for anyone uncertain about cauliflower or simply for those who love cheese - especially when it's wrapped in a crunchy cheesy crust!

2. Battered up

Fritters are a sure thing - carrot, ginger and basil take to the plate and lift this team's batter-ing average, thanks to the last minute addition of light beer. 

Stephanie Alexander's carrot fritters

3. Gnocch-it out of the park

Fun to make and scrumptious to eat, this homemade baked gnocchi combines pumpkin, tomatoes and spinach for a delicious and nutritious meal, made all the more fun by being served in individual dishes. 

4. It's an impasta

This hearty dish is comfort food 101. It’s flavoured with basil, red pepper paste, tomato paste and to offset any squirmish lentil faces, the hand-cut noodles should do the trick. 


5. Greece's answer to lasagne

Moussaka is Greece’s answer to lasagne, but without the pasta and this vegetarian version takes it one step further by replacing the meat with lentils. The flavours work a treat and it’s just as hearty, so serve it to one and all and see if anyone notices the difference.

Vegetarian lentil and eggplant moussaka.

6. Keep on wafflin'

These waffles are ideal for a quick supper, unexpected lunch guests and even a cocktail party nibble (cut into small portions). Top with anything you like, including creamed chicken, sauteed mushrooms or tomato sauce. The recipe doubles easily and the batter can be used for pancakes as well.

Photograph Deb Lindsey

7. Sneak your broccoli in

The classic Spanish tortilla is packed with potato and combined with egg. This version does that and also adds a little broccoli to the mix. Let's just say this is perfect picnic fare and the family will love it!

Tortilla calls!

8. The beet goes on... 

This vibrant tart takes the idea of American pumpkin pie and puts a beet spin on things. The beests give it an amazing, deep colour and flavour.

9. Carrot cake undercover

The combination of carrot and parsnip with the coconut flour gives this cake a unique, surprisingly light, texture. Sweetened with dates and rice malt syrup, this vegan dessert, is also a gluten-free cake, dairy-free delight, morning tea sensation and a refined sugar-free star. Your buds won't know what hit them! 

Carrot, parsnip & cardamom loaf

10. Pump those beets

Beetroot and chocolate are great partners. These brownies have a real decadence about them, with a great fudgy texture grounded by the earthy flavour of the beetroot. They're sneaky and sweet...

Beetroot chocolate brownies

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