You don't have to stay up til dawn baking to reap rewards.
14 Feb 2018 - 10:06 AM  UPDATED 7 Jan 2018 - 11:01 PM

Staying up baking all night sounds crazy mad ... or ... crazy fun. If you're in the crazy fun camp, you'll get your sugar high from watching bakers do just that on Food Network's baking competition Duff Till Dawn. If you're in the crazy mad camp, then you're probably wised up to the fact that you don't have to stay up til dawn baking to reap rewards. Here are our baking go-tos, from oven to mouth in 15 minutes or under. All winners in our books.


1. Self-saucing chocolate pudding

The ultimate quickie dessert. The quick baking time (only 12 minutes!) is key to an oozing fudgey centre. 

2. Christina Tosi's crackle 

Brittle meets your favourite snack food: think cereal, pretzels, chips, nuts or seeds. Thanks to the Milk Bar genius Christina Tosi. Ready to chomp in 15 minutes.

3. Madeleines

You're onto a winner with this recipe from our Country Women's Association cake champion, Merle Parrish. These delicate cakes are ready to pop in your mouth in 8 minutes. 

4. Polish caramel pine cones

These crunchy puffed rice bound with hot fudge and sesame torpedos come with advice: roll them quickly before the toffee hardens.

5. Vietnamese almond cookies

Melt-in-your mouth (thanks to lard!), these classic South-Asian treats bake in 15 minutes.

6. Fat rascals

And while you have the lard out, you may as well have a crack at Matthew Evans's Yorkshire classic, fat rascals - a cross between a biscuit and currant scone. Golden from the oven in 14 minutes.

7. Chocolate crackle cookies

These look like rock-hard meteors but are, delightfully, fluffy, and so easy to make. Simply stir, roll and bake. Ready in 12 minutes.

8. Bosnian kiflice

These sweet jam-filled, buttery pastries are a favourite of our very own Deputy Editor, Farah Celjo. She's been baking them since she was a child, and are yours to try in only 15 minutes.

9. Cream scones

The secret to the lightness of these scones, says our Bakeproof guru, Anneka Manning, is the addition of cream. Unbeatable warm from the oven in 12 minutes.

10. Campfire toasted bananas

Okay, so you first need to build a campfire for these beauties, but then you're in banana-gooey chocolate-marshmallow heaven in 5 minutes, from Poh & Co.


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