• Coconut-braised beef brisket kebab (Shane Delia's Recipe For Life)Source: Shane Delia's Recipe For Life
The Milky Bars may not be on us, but the rest of the musk sticks, milkshakes, parfaits and other nostalgic milk bar-diner food is.
13 Mar 2018 - 4:51 AM  UPDATED 25 Feb 2018 - 1:23 PM

The drinks

1. Lickity split licorice

This quirky beverage is part lolly bag, part milkshake. And because not everyone is a licorice lover, it means you might get to have it all to yourself. See the full lineup of Monster Shakes

2. Cherry vodka cola float

Repeat: Cherry VODKA cola float. Past you meets adult you.  

3. Ube ice-cream float

Floats (or spiders) were there fizzy work of pure alchemy as kids. Recreate this sense of wonder with the enchantingly lilac addition of Ube, Filipino purple yam. You'll find it at Filipino stores and select Asian grocers. 

Ube ice-cream float

4. Turkish Delight extravaganza

"Melt entire Turkish Delight bars and then mash them with a potato masher" - a recipe step that is truly the stuff of childhood dreams. Add some rosewater and fancy toppings, and it's the stuff of adult dreams. See the full lineup of Monster Shakes here


5. Pineapple fritters with pepperberry sugar

Same same but different: a retro classic with an elegant and authentic Australian twist, using fragrant native pepperberries ground with sugar to make a dip. This is not the only little modern twist - the pineapple is poached in a brew of star anise and cloves. They'll take you back, but they'll also take you to new places. 

6. Coconut braised beef brisket kebab

Greece meets Malaysia in this genius combination of kebab and beef rendang. What a time to be alive. 

7. Aussie beef pies

No frills, just a classic meat pie. 

8. Corn dogs

These are so good, it's almost regrettable you'll know how to make them at home. 

9. Mushroom cheese toastie

Toasties were a classic milkbar number. These ones get fancied up with some thyme and garlic-sauteed mushrooms, Dijon mustard, and mozzarella as well as cheddar cheese, for extra ooze-factor. 

10. Karaage chicken and waffles with ranch dressing

A diner classic with a Japanese edge: chicken marinated in ginger, garlic, soy sauce and rice vinegar before being dusted in flour and deep-fried. Mounds of golden crispiness, freshened up with a ranch dressing. 

11. Beetroot burger

This may not be the original burger of milk bars, but it's one for modern times, as we look for meat-less alternatives. That said, this burger does not lack any "meatiness". 

The sweets

12. Musk sticks

Love them or loathe them, nothing evokes a sense of milkbar nostalgia quite like a musk stick. 

Classic Aussie musk sticks

13. Mango and passionfruit jellies

These jellies also make a great gift or something to take along to a picnic. Just remember to dust them liberally in icing sugar and cornflour to stop them sticky together, and pack them up in a little cardboard box rather than plastic.

Mango and passionfruit jellies

14. Apple pie bars

Diners are as American as Apple Pie, and were the inspiration for the Australian milk bars of the 1940s-1980s. 

15. Hazelnut mousse, strawberry pretzel parfaits

Essentially a reformatted sundae. This parfait gets an addictive salty-sweet edge from ground pretzels. 

16. Banana hotcakes with bacon and maple syrup

These hotcakes are the perfect way to use up over-ripe bananas, and to cure a hangover. 

17. Dairy milk chocolate ice-cream

This is just how chocolate ice-cream should be: creamy, chocolatey, and makes you sad once it's finished.

18. “Monte Carlo” milk sorbet sandwiches

All that Monte Carlo goodness transformed into an ice-cream sandwich, with lashings of freshly made raspberry jam.

Kitsch & Classic
Killer vanilla

Oozing with white chocolate ganache and finished with waffles – there’s nothing ‘plain’ about this vanilla monster.

Vegemite macarons

Blending salty and sweet, this is a very Australian take on one of France's culinary icons.

Ahoy! Fisherman’s basket ahead

This is such a fun way to celebrate summer and relive a few childhood memories. And I’m betting it’ll be the best damn fisherman’s basket you’ve had in years!

Bacon, baked beans and cheese jaffles

These jaffles don’t have much (or any) butter on the bread because the bacon, placed on the outside, melts a bit of fat into the bread.

Rocky road muffins

Muffins are easy to make – just remember not to stir too much and overwork the batter or you will end up with a dense texture instead of light, fluffy muffins. Here’s our rocky road muffin recipe.