• Fennel butter. ( Benito Martin)Source: Benito Martin
If you ever needed a condiment secret-weapon to whip out and knock the socks off a dish, it's a flavoured butter.
9 Apr 2018 - 11:01 AM  UPDATED 8 Apr 2018 - 11:25 AM

1. Kombu butter

This butter is like a standout accessory that turns anything into an outfit. 

Grilled king prawns with kombu butter

2. Whipped honey butter

Whip butter and honey together until pale, creamy, light and fluffy. Spread it on all manner of baked goods. Thank yourself.

3. Fennel butter

The aromatic, anise-like dimensions of fennel seeds add a little something-something to dishes. This butter can be used with sweet and savoury meals—or just some crusty bread. 

4. Molasses butter

Experience the same sort of excitement of a swirl of caramel through vanilla ice-cream can bring, but with a swirl of molasses through butter.

5. Porcini butter

This chunky, umami-rich spread is extremely versatile. You'll be wishing you made a bigger batch.

Porcini butter

6. Honey and oregano butter

The sweet and grassy aromas of the countryside, in spreadable form.

7. Davidson plum butter

Davidson plums are an indigenous Australian ingredient that grows in northern New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland. It has an acidic fruitiness that works well with the creaminess of butter. Together, they are a match made in heaven for grilled scallops and seafood. 

8. Chipotle butter

Smoky chipotle mayo is a popular condiment for grilled seafood, tacos, and pulled pork buns—so why not chipotle butter? It works in the same scenarios as mayo, as well as slathered on barbecue corn and roasted vegetables. 

9. Herb and walnut butter

This butter comes from the Pyrénées region of France, where it's often served with grilled snails—but if snails don't take your fancy, serve it with your preferred grilled meat or vegetable. The walnuts and herbs add bulk and crunch to the butter, so it can be used in place of a sauce. 

10. Togarashi and wasabi butter

Togarashi is Japanese "seven-spice" blend, which you can buy at Asian grocers, online, or blend your own. Once you have your togarashi seasoning, it's mixed with butter, wasabi (fresh, prepared or powdered), garlic and nori flakes for a flavour bonanza. 

11. Truffle butter

Truffles and butter are one of those age-old pairings. You can use truffle butter to fancy up scrambled eggs, pasta, mashed potato, fried mushrooms (for extra earthiness)—or, take it along to a picnic spread with a crusty loaf.

Truffle butter.

12. Anchovy butter

This tangy and savoury combination of olive oil, garlic, anchovies, butter, white pepper and lemon juice can be used to add a little kick to dishes, mashed potatoes, or a unique element to a sandwich.  

All buttered up
Steamed sugarloaf cabbage with lemon and burnt butter

Who knew that popping cabbage in a frying pan and half burning it could be so delicious! 

Pasta with truffle butter and truffle egg yolk

My favourite way to use truffle butter is to serve it simply with pasta.

Abalone with yuzu butter

Widely popular in Asian cooking, yuzu is a Japanese citrus that imparts a floral aroma and bracingly tart zest into this abalone dish.

Brown crabs in beer with brown butter mayonnaise

"One of my favourite Scandinavian food traditions is the Norwegian Krabbefest. In the summer, the waters around Bergen teem with hundreds of thousands of delicious brown crabs, and the people of Bergen like nothing better than pulling a few out of the water at their summer houses on the water, cooking them up, and washing them down with plenty of cold beer. It’s paradise." Adam Liaw, Destination Flavour Scandinavia


Fish with lemon and brown butter sauce

I use lemon sole for my poisson meunière, but why not try Pacific halibut or even trout? The lemon and brown butter sauce makes a delicious accompaniment to the delicate fish flavours.