• Tsamporado is often enjoyed for breakfast. (Ben Dearnley)Source: Ben Dearnley
Toast is pedestrian. Eggs are ordinary. And cereal? Well, we always want more! From porridge-like bowls of congee to spiced fried rice, give breakfast the respect it deserves.
21 May 2018 - 9:59 AM  UPDATED 28 May 2018 - 12:24 PM

1. Kimchi and a pot of tea

You've got some rice leftover from last night's curry or takeaway Thai. You've got a jar of kimchi and a jar of gochujang in the pantry (if you haven't made it yourself, that is). And in just 20 minutes you'll have yourself a breakfast of champions - or Korean pop stars. 

2. Break an oat

Oats aren't the only grain that can wallow in milk and come out on top. For those that cringe at the site of oats but loathe to miss out on a cuddly bowl of porridge, then you'll love these brown rice milk pots

3. Congee up a bowl of magic

Savoury breakfast lovers will already have hit upon the restorative morning glory that a deep bowl of congee offers. If you're not quite up to the thousand-year-old eggs that lurk in more traditional congees first thing in the morning, this salted fish and peanut version will ease you into the world of warm rice in the AM.

Around the world, rice soup is comfort in a bowl.

4. Choco pud

If there's one thing that both Filipinos and Italians will tell you, it's that chocolate for breakfast is entirely acceptable. Let the Italians slather their panettone with Nutella and, instead, make this chocolate rice pudding (tsamporado) that's a typical start to the day in the Philippines. Salted fish as optional.

Tsamporado is often enjoyed for breakfast.

5. Do the bibimbap rap

Everything you need to start the day out right is piled into this bowl, then crowned with a sunny-yellow egg for good measure. And for those who like to give the morning a bit of a kick-in-the-pants with a hit of chilli, this bibimbap provides the perfect vehicle for your gochujang addiction.


6. One for the pandan fans

If it were up to us, we'd find a way to sneak pandan into every meal, so this pandan-infused black sticky rice is a perfect way to start the day. Sure, it's technically a dessert, but you can always dial down the sugar for morning serves. 

Pandan-infused black sticky rice with mango and chilli sugar

7. Can't go awry with arroz

Rice doesn't miss a meal in Cuba. This tasty medley of beans and grains packs a punch of protein and carbohydrates to kickstart your day. It won't give you the Cuban rhythm but it might give you the energy to look for it. 

8. Do you take tuna in your tea?

Start the day with a beautiful, grassy pour of green tea… straight into your bowl of tuna and rice. The Japanese are no strangers to raw fish for breakfast, and this 'ochazuke' or tuna with green tea and rice is a wonderful way to get on board with this cleansing idea. 

9. Just as luxurious the morning-after

Pomegranate, pistachio and rose will transport your breakfast buds all the way to the Middle East. Incredibly creamy, luxurious and fragrant, this rice-y bowl is best served warm and is just as good if not better the next morning, so make a big batch for the week and bask in the thickened magic that awaits. To make it dairy free, swap the milk for a non-dairy alternative and  for a vegan-friendly version, also swap the honey for rice malt syrup, pure maple syrup or a couple of drops of liquid stevia. 

Creamy Middle Eastern rice bowl

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