• Brown crabs in beer (Adam Liaw)Source: Adam Liaw
In 2018, the International Herb Association is celebrating a herb that holds a dear place in our hearts: hops. We're celebrating with beer-based recipes.
13 Aug 2018 - 10:40 AM  UPDATED 17 Apr 2018 - 3:53 PM

1. Dad's beer battered flathead with tartare sauce

Turns out that beer doesn't just go well with fish and chips, but well in it—beer adds body and lightness to a batter. 

2. Bacon, beer and rosemary jam

When you have the genius idea to turn your favourite combination of things into a jam. 

3. Brown crabs in beer with brown butter mayonnaise

Brown isn't always the best adjective when it comes to food, but when it's describing a variety of crab and the butter that's been mixed through some mayonnaise to serve with it, it is. 

4. Belgian beef and beer stew

Tuck into this rich and meaty stew and forget that you ever felt cold or hungry, ever. 

5. Mussels with a spicy beer sabayon gratin

Confused about a beer sabayon? Don't be. You may be used to seeing sabayon - a creamy sauce made with egg yolks whisked over heat until they become light and fluffy - served with dessert, but here it's whisked with some of the mussel-cooking liquid, curry powder and beer, to give it a savoury, sweetly oceanic, and gently spiced flavour. The mussels are topped with this beer sabayon then popped under a grill very briefly before serving.

6. Beer-barbecued lamb ribs

The layer of fat on lamb ribs makes them perfect for barbecuing, keeping them moister and tender. Marinating lamb ribs overnight before barbecuing in a mixture of paprika, brown sugar, salt, white pepper and beer makes them even more perfect. 

7. Braised clams with beer and chorizo

Cider is often used when cooking clams, but beer works just as well, for a refreshing and less-sweet version. Getting a little bit of chorizo and a scoop of beer broth in each clamshell mouthful is the way to go.  

8. Beer sozzled chicken with sage and garlic

With this one-pot wonder, you can cook your chicken and vegetables all in one—no need to roast anything separately. After an hour in the oven, remove the foil to cook for a further 20-30 minutes to crisp everything up.  

9. Beer-braised oxtail tartlet with bitter chocolate

Beef, dark beer and dark chocolate are a combination just as wicked as it sounds. The light cauliflower puree and peppery radish do well to balance out the richness. 

10. Beef Guinness pie with blue cheese pastry

Be sure to rest the filling completely before adding it to your pastry, otherwise you'll have a meltdown situation—first of your pie, and then of you, as you'll have to start it over. The other situation to try and avoid is the temptation to eat all the beef and Guinness filling while it's cooling!

boozy brews
Gin-cured trout

Just about every culture has their own version of a dish like this, probably because it's a light, bright, party pleaser.

Tom Kerridge’s ale pulled pork sandwich

You can do this as a superb toasted sandwich, or just pile the flavour-packed pork onto a bun with the fixings. 

Mango, rum and young coconut ice blocks

Based on the idea of a mango daiquiri, this is a wonderfully refreshing (and slightly boozy) grown up ice block — perfect for hot summer days. You will need to use mangoes that are very sweet and almost too ripe to give you the right flavour.

Bourbon French toast with ham and butter-braised tomato

Boozy, buttery, cheesy French toast is made for a lazy weekend breakfast.

Prosecco pannacotta (pannacotta al prosecco)

Dessert queen Adelina Pulford was inspired to put two beautiful things together, elegant, sparkling prosecco wine and creamy, silky pannacotta while travelling in Piemonte, where she saw pannacotta being made with spumante di asti. This simple Italian dessert recipe is perfect for a dinner party.