We're admitting to an aerated addiction of the chocolate kind and declaring our allegiance to all choc mousse incarnations.
3 Apr 2018 - 10:44 AM  UPDATED 3 Apr 2019 - 6:51 PM

For Chocolate Mousse Day (3 April) - okay it's in the US, but we're jumping on board! - we're sneaking it into anything we can, from cake layers to teacups, so prepare to get loose with chocolate mousse! 

1. Get some air in there

All good mousseketeers know the key to a good mousse is air. So whip it real good and fold gently to ensure you don't knock the wind out of your mixture. This Dutch basic chocolate mousse is sure to get your addiction underway and you can play around with variations once mastered.

2. Have a nib-ble

Now that you've mastered your basic mousse (above), Rachel Khoo takes it a step further by combining chocolate crème pâtissière with chocolate meringue for a decidedly decadent dalliance into a mousse. To that, she adds cocoa nibs, just in case you weren't already in raptures. 

3. Avo go, you mug

OK, so the vessel is rather more dainty than a mug, but this chilli chocolate mousse is made with avocado for those of you wringing your hands at the opulence of Rachel Khoo's mousse (above). Creaminess trumps airiness here with a smooth and slick consistency achieved thanks to the avo and a sneaky banana. 

4. Lay it on thick

Get your mousse in between the layers of this chocolate layer cake and make that thing touch the sky. Oozing from the sides of the cake like a muffin top, this thick, whipped treat is gonna get messy. 

Chocolate layer cake with chocolate mousse icing

5. Mousse kiss

This one is an absolute favourite and it's also vegan-friendly AND dairy-free! Spread this Spanish chocolate pâte on some toasted bread, drizzle with extra olive oil and sprinkle with salt - be warned, this pot may just be your undoing. 

6. Make no mousse cake, this is the real deal

This one may just be our favourite and it has nothing to do with the addition of rum, really. Just look at that slice beckoning with its alluring air pockets and fluffy sponge. Add some poached pears into the mix to cut through the richness with a little more sweetness, and you have our undoing.

7. Breakfast bowl

While this may feel like you’re eating dessert for breakfast, this mousse is a fantastically healthy start to the day and also a great way to use up those half-eaten avos and bananas you've got floating around.

Choc-avocado mousse

8. Got gum?

Mastiha pairs beautifully with chocolate in this silky smooth mousse garnished with crushed pistachios and rose petals. Be sure to use a thin pouring cream to achieve a light, silky smooth texture. The mousse will appear slightly runny when poured into serving glasses but don’t worry because it thickens once it cools and sets. Heaven in a glass! 

Chocolate mastiha mousse

9. Salted jaffa

The Spanish fell in love with chocolate and spread it around the world. And this smooth operator of a mousse sits almighty on a bed of chocolate soil - this is big spoon territory. Chocolate, orange, olive oil and salt all pop on this perfect plate.

Chocolate and orange mousse with olive oil and salt

10. Mighty mousse

This mousse is so formidable it needs to be restrained by a wall of meringue shards! Like sentries guarding a treasure, the meringue perimeter keeps the luscious mousse at bay, but they won't stop you from tucking in.

Concorde Cake

11. On a lighter note

This light-as-air mousse made with bittersweet 70 per cent cocoa chocolate gets a little nutty with the addition of Nocino, an Italian liqueur made from walnuts, making it perfectly fine to serve as an apéritif.

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