This Mother's Day, treat yo mama to the TLC she deserves with coffee, cuddles and a delectable breakfast in bed.
10 May 2019 - 3:42 PM  UPDATED 8 May 2019 - 2:48 PM

1. For the Francophile mère

Greet your mother with ‘Bonjour!’ and deux baisers, before bequeathing croissants, coffee and a copy of Amelie. For this annual occasion we recommend upping the ante with Anneka Manning’s pain au chocolate. Start the cheat’s pastry one day in advance and don’t forget the sea salt sprinkles!

2. Super mum alert

It is upon entering adulthood that many of us begin to grasp how incredible our parents truly are. Take a literal approach to your breakfast offering and prepare mum a superfood granola (emphasis on the Super). This beauty from dolly and oatmeal also stars homemade almond-macadamia milk.

3. Let the Poles get you out of a pickle

If your mother’s a fan of daintier fare, prepare a plate of Polish rice cakes with prosciutto, shaved celeriac and a dill-sour cream dollop. The pickled baby beetroots will only boost appreciation.

4. Stack up to the paleos

So the paleo lifestyle has piqued your ma’s interest? Give her a pancake pat on the back! These choc-chip wonders from The Merrymaker Sisters – featuring eggs, coconut milk and flour – are incredible, especially when served with berries, chia seeds and lashings of nut butter.

5. Mum, this is from Matt Evans

There are plenty of reasons the ladies love Gourmet Farmer Matthew Evans. He knows how to jam, can pack a good picnic and makes his own prosciutto! Your mum will feel even fonder when she tries Matt’s smoked ell kedgeree. The British egg and rice dish satisfies tastebuds morning, noon and night.

6. Cure-all in a cup

We’re sad to admit it’s “get sick” season, so orange juice isn’t an option – it’s an essential. Give mum Teresa Cutter’s immune-boosting beverage of carrot, orange, lemon, ginger, flaxseed and turmeric and help her fight the flu like a kung fu master.

7. The sweetest thing

If time is precious, but you want to please yo mama, take the pudding path. This Turkish stunner from The Inspired Table pairs a raspberry, rosewater and chia pudding with spiced pistachio crumble. Let your chia seeds soak overnight and crumble quickly in the morning for a breezy and beautiful breakfast in bed.

8. Lox, stock and love you!

Right now, thousands of mothers around the globe are crossing their fingers for a bagel come Sunday. Store-bought are splendid, but if you’re prepared for a labour of love, try this homemade hero. Bagels, like mums, deserve respect, and that means all the trimmings: capers, red onion, lox and a lovely lemon-herb schmear.

9. Sorry to be so corny

Poh Ling Yeow discovered this recipe when her in-laws cooked breakfast during an Adelaide stay. Served with salsa and a smattering of guac, Poh says the the veggie fritters are “one of the best brekkies I’ve had”. Right, where’s that frypan?!

For more breakfast in bed options, along with sweets and savouries that say, "Love ya Mum!", check out our Mother's Day recipe collection


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