Regular cake is great, but have you ever set a huge slab of cream cheese onto a giant sweet biscuit?
12 Jun 2019 - 12:32 PM  UPDATED 12 Jun 2019 - 12:32 PM

To bake or not to bake isn’t even the question when it comes to the glorious cheesecake.

This versatile dessert (or dinner?) can come to life with or without an oven, and be flavoured for any season or occasion. It’s also essentially an enormous sweet wheel of cheese on a giant biscuit cracker – need we say more.

1. Krakow-style cheesecake (sernik Krakowski)

This robust, pastry-laced Polish cheesecake is a hearty but pretty beast. Don’t let its signature lattice restrict your creative streak – pattern away to your heart’s desire.

2. Choco-moo cheesecake

There’s a subtle homage to cheesecake’s most important staple: milk, in this silky Japanese choco-moo cheesecake. At Farm Designs in Hokkaido where the recipe originates it’s made with Jersey milk from their very own dairy farm, but milk from any happy cow will do.

3. Sesame cheesecake (myzithropita hyti)

Give your cheesecake repertoire a Mediterranean spin with this cheesy Greek sesame slab. It’s set using eggs, ricotta and a sprinkle of semolina at the expense of a crumbly crust creating the perfect coffee accompaniment.

4. Italian baked ricotta cheesecake (fiadone di Vincenzo)

A wealth of eggs, ricotta and firm sheep cheese called primo sale make up this glorious, rich Italian cake. Don’t forget to give it a lift with a dash of Sambuca or amaretto to neutralise the dominant egg flavour. We swear that bit is actually in the recipe.

5. Japanese soufflé cheesecake

Skip the line down at Uncle Tetsu’s and whip up your own fluffy Japanese cheesecake. You might not be able to brand it with a cartoon image of your face, but at least you don’t have to wait to get home before you can eat it.

6. Baked lemon cheesecake

This recipe takes advantage of sweet dates instead of sugar and uses whipped egg whites folded through the cream cheese mixture to create a fluffier cake base. New Yorkers would be rolling in their graves, but on a warm, sunny day in Australia, we appreciate the lightness.

Baked lemon cheesecake

7. Nata de coco cheesecake

We’re waiting patiently for a probiotic cheesecake trend to catch on after making this yoghurt-based little number. Greek yoghurt and cream cheese? Why haven’t we been doing this all along!

8. French cheesecake

Trust the French to put cheese on crackers. This recipe uses regular salted crackers for its biscuit base, providing a moreish sweet/salty balance. The fancy pants gateau is topped with a layer of vanilla panna cotta which can be hit with the lime zest if you prefer more zing.

Photo credit: Pierre Javelle

9. New York Cheesecake

Oooooooh, New York! According to the recipe author, Yasmin Newman, this New York cheesecake will never live up to its namesake. Apparently, the New York cheesecake earns its title from the simple fact that it’s made in New York – but what it can’t offer in the designation of origin, the recipe makes up for in flavour. We know this is exactly where dreams are made of...

New York Cheesecake

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