Happiness is only a cupcake away.
18 Jun 2019 - 10:52 AM  UPDATED 18 Jun 2019 - 10:54 AM

They may be mini but don't underestimate them because of their size. 

Perfect for morning teas and kids parties, as an afternoon snack or to impress your colleagues, we've got a selection of cupcakes that are so darn fun you'll have to make them all. Throw that cupcake party already!

1. Scream for ice-cream

You don't need to be a baker at heart to nail these summertime sensations. Good quality store bought strawberry ice-cream, angel food cake, cream and vanilla is all you need to celebrate.

2. Cupcakes for all

Super simple, and equally delicious, these cupcake with chocolate frosting are the perfect handheld party cake. For kids big and small, these are perfect for those who are gluten and dairy-free. No missing out on the fun stuff!

Gluten-free and dairy-free vanilla cupcakes

3. Bubblepop electric

Pretty bright colours, gloss and electricity are all the rage with these bubblegum cupcakes. *Spoiler alert* they've got a gooey bubblegum centre! 

Bubblepop electric cupcakes

4. Hello Kitty

This Hello Kitty cupcake is a sweet mix of fruity and floral notes. It may look like super cute, but this dessert carries a few surprising flavour punches - like lychee syrup, rosewater and freeze-dried raspberries. 

Hello Kitty cupcake

5. Island dreams are realised

Coconut, passionfruit and meringue - what's not to love about these statement cupcakes? So let's kick back and enjoy those pool-time vibes by knocking a few of these back.

Coconut and passionfruit cupcakes with meringue frosting

6. Bling thing

Forget ring bling, we want piping bling and it's hard not to be mesmerised by it's shine. 

Gold cupcakes

7. Salty-sweet

Chocolate and salted caramel have a natural affinity and these cupcakes happily bring them both together. The salted caramel is a cheat's version, which makes this treat even simpler to whip up.

Can diet have an effect on Alzheimer's?

8. If Cher was a cupcake

Dressed to impress, if you want to show how you love someone so, then it's in this kiss, this cupcake kiss!

In his Kiss cupcakes

9. A beautiful butterfly

This recipe is incredibly simple without losing any of it's fun. White chocolate cupcakes topped with more cupcake, raspberry jam and double cream - teatime got a whole lot more sweet.

10. Glow-in-the-dark

Made with strawberry essence and meringue buttercream, this cupcake get's its own neon lights thanks to tonic water? It's true!

Neon galaxy cupcake

11. Irish coffee cupcake mountain

Coffee, cream and caramel combine for the ultimate in boozy shakes - and yes, there's actually a homemade muffin on top.

Irish coffee cupcake mountain

12. A creamy Aussie classic

There have been many takes on the Golden Gaytime and you can add this beauty to your list. We may be biased but we think this indulgent cupcake combining chocolate and honeycomb could well be the best of the bunch.

Choc honeycomb cupcakes

13. Mac 'n' cheese comes to play

Just when you thought cupcakes didn't have a savoury side, in strolled in this mac 'n' cheese version. Fill your kitchen with the unmistakable fragrance of bubbling pasta with cheese and see your neighbours come running in.

In need of more cupcake inspiration? Check out our recipe collection here.

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