In Australia, it’s a gooey cake-like dessert most likely served warm – again, with a generous scoop of cream (or ice-cream). In America, it’s a rich, custardy mousse, often served with thick cream and sprinkled with chocolate. Or both. And in Britain, it’s simply dessert. All hail the humble pudding and raise your spoons for Chocolate Pudding Day.
25 Jun 2019 - 4:54 PM  UPDATED 25 Jun 2019 - 4:54 PM

While puddings originally referred to meat products (hence black pudding, also known as black sausage or blood sausage), over time, the name evolved to include both sweet and savoury foods. As early as 1730, a recipe for chocolate pudding appeared in Charles Carter’s The Complete Practical Cook. It featured ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon, and was almost Nigella-like in its lyricism: “put in a little Citron minc’d; mingle it mighty well together.”

In the 19th century, a company called Bird’s began selling commercial custard powder in the US, and referred to a recipe for chocolate custard as ‘pudding’. The name stuck, and if you’re offered pudding in the States today, you’ll likely be served a silky bowl of decadent chocolate mousse.

And as for that Australian winter favourite, the self-saucing pudding, a feat of chemistry and sheer magic, its origins are unclear, but its deliciousness is not. We just feel sorry for the Americans, who think that chocolate pudding begins and ends with mousse.

Chocolate nirvana here we come...

If you want… an Australian-style chocolate pudding

1. Poh’s 15-minute chocolate pots

There isn’t a single person on the planet who doesn’t love breaking through the lightest of cake crusts into a warm, gooey pot of chocolate.

2. Molten chocolate puddings

Unbelievably quick and easy choccy puds fit for weeknight dessert or a fancy dinner party.

3. Self-saucing chocolate pudding

These little chocolate cakes cook very quickly to retain an oozy, almost uncooked centre.

4. Chocolate self-saucing jar puddings

Being able to see the distinct layers through the glass just adds to the wonder…

5. Chocolate and wattleseed self-saucing pudding

With its coffee-like aroma, wattleseed is an ideal accompaniment to chocolate and works wonderfully in this self-saucing pudding.

6. Chocolate and chestnut fondant

Chestnut flour makes these little puddings seem even more chocolatey! Who knew that could be possible...

If you want… an American-style, mousse-like chocolate pudding

7. Chocolate pots with macarons

This classic dessert from the south-west of France layers the macarons with chocolate mousse, which was once only a speciality of French restaurants.

Chocolate pots.

8. Chilli chocolate mousse

The chilli in this hug in a cup will warm you up from the inside-out.

9. Chocolate and Frangelico custard

This delectable sweet pudding is made with a custard base and good, bitter chocolate.

10. Little chocolate and whisky pots with treacle butterscotch

This wickedly rich dessert teams dark chocolate with bittersweet butterscotch and a dash of whisky.

If you want… to try something a little different

11. Chocolate molten doughnut balls

Little balls of chocolate heaven for true chocoholics.

12. Chocolate rice pudding

Chocolate for breakfast? Yes! Try this traditional tsamporado from the Philippines.

13. Just add raspberry

Raspberries add a perfect little hit of brightness and zing to these rich and fudgy chocolate puddings. They work ideally as individual desserts, served warm with double cream and have your friends over for dessert, we promise!

Fudgy chocolate puddings with raspberries

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