Chocolate cake, in your pudding, swirled with icing... but in your lasagne? On your ribs?! Oh, yes. Here are a few recipes that show the sweet stuff's savoury side.
5 Jul 2019 - 1:52 PM  UPDATED 5 Jul 2019 - 1:52 PM

1. Mole poblano

Mole, meaning sauce or stew, is a term used in Mexico for a number of sauces. It combines dried chilli and chocolate and its vibrant red colour and addition of nuts gives meat dish a rich boost. This  mole is traditionally served with turkey, but this recipe calls for duck.

2. Chicken mole

This mole is slightly simpler than the more famous poblano version featured above. A perfect balance of sweet, spice, chilli and nut use this sauce over your grilled chicken and serve it up with some steaming hot veg.

3. Asado in black sauce with chocolate

Up your rib game with this sauce. South Americans are known for their love of meat and this mouth-watering marinade gets rich with a little dark chocolate.  

4. Sicilian chocolate lasagne 

Chocolate has been a favourite addition to Sicilian dishes since the 16th century and sometimes you can't argue with tradition. This lasagne speaks velvety volumes and you will turn this into a household staple in no time.

5. Wedding stew

This is similar to Mexican mole, however, you add the chocolate at the end of the cooking process. A popular dish worth throwing a celebration for, this is commonly served up at Mexican wedding banquets with red rice.

6. White hominy soup with braised pork

One of the most popular Mexican soups, this hearty, yet refreshing, bowl calls for puffed corn, or hominy and is gluten-free if you are so inclined.

7. Chicken panucho

These bite-sized snacks pack a panucho and are an easy Mexican street snack. With a crispy base, smooth black bean paste, fresh salad and brightly flavoured pickles, this recipe uses chicken that has been spiced with achiote and chocolate for a sweet kick!

8. Sweet and sour braised rabbit

Raise your Italian repertoire with this sweet and sour sauce. Bitter chocolate enhances your meat to give you a braise of epic proportions. 

9. Cachaca and guava-glazed ham

Set your roast above most with this baked centrepiece that calls for a guava glaze with a touch of dark chocolate.


10. Spicy chocolate chicken

This is a lovely rich, wintry dish that's perfect for sharing, and doesn't need to be cooked for hours. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the depth and warmth of using chocolate in this comforting stew.

Spicy chocolate chicken

11. Beer-braised oxtail tartlet with bitter chocolate 

Served with a cauliflower puree these savoury tarts make for a great dinner party starter.

12. Blood sausage with chocolate and pine nuts

It's the combination of chocolate and pig's blood that is the base of sanguinaccio. This family recipe also incorporates fruit and nuts into the mix.

And in case you also wanted to pair it with a classic!

Chocolate layer cake with chocolate mousse icing

This is the ultimate chocolate layer cake. It's super dense and moist and did we say, double chocolate?!

Chocolate layer cake with chocolate mousse icing

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