• 1m dessert pizza at Antica, Adelaide (Antica via Instagram)
Don’t settle for your regular-length meals any longer, free yourself and order these five dishes by the metre.
5 Jul 2019 - 1:56 PM  UPDATED 5 Jul 2019 - 1:56 PM

It’ll probably be a while before counting food by calories gets replaced with measuring by the metre (for obvious reasons), but aside from being a great novelty, a single meal fit for five people just screams out to be shared among friends.

Here are five dishes you can place your order in centimetres by the hundred:


Chef and owner of Efendy restaurant in the Sydney suburb of Balmain, Somer Sivrioglu, created a decadent 1-metre long kebab to celebrate World Kebab Day on 12 July. It’ll be available at Efendy for one month, starting 12 July.

The kebab is made in Adana style, using whole pieces of lamb, lamb tail fat, red peppers and paprika chopped together by hand. Efendy’s kebab is unique in that it’s made with banana peppers instead of capsicum as their skin is thinner, making the kebab more pleasant to eat.

Sivrioglu says the 1 metre-long kebab isn’t that uncommon in Turkey after a trend caught on across the country. Friends will often come together to share one large kebab for a meal.


Pizza’s new life as a meter-long food proved a hit with its fans. You can now find the gargantuan pies in every capital city. The southern-Italian restaurant chain, Critini’s, offers the 100 cm meals across its stores in Sydney, Newcastle, Woolongong, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

Don’t worry Adelaide, you can get your fix at Antica’s two locations. They even have a meter-long dessert pizza if you’ve still got room.


Venture to Adelaide’s German community in the hills region (yep, the same place the Hilltop Hoods grew up), and you’ll find a wealth of hearty restaurants serving up slow-cooked pickled pork covering mounds of sauerkraut and mugs of beer by the litre. It’s also where you’ll find the Adelaide-famous metre and a litre challenge. One metre of bratwurst in a hotdog bun (with sauerkraut, of course) and a litre of beer to do with what you please. Go in solo, or enjoy with a group of friends.


The ordering system at Solo Pasta in Perth’s bustling suburb of Mount Lawley is simple: choose your pasta then decide how many meters. A standard bowl contains 3 metres of beautiful carby ribbons, but no judgement if you want to make that four, five, or six…

If you don’t live in Perth, you should probably consider busting out the pasta maker and having a pasta-by-the-metre party.


Coming in hot with an honourable mention is the half-metre burrito by Melbourne food truck La Revolucion. It was made as part of an eating challenge held last May. $25 bought entrants one attempt and the winner takes all.

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