• Flamenco eggs (huevos a la flamenco) (BBC Books / James Murphy)
The cooler weather is here, but don't relegate a comforting, baked meal to weekends. Warm yourself from the inside seven nights a week with these 21 recipes.
8 Jun 2017 - 10:31 AM  UPDATED 23 Jul 2019 - 9:23 PM

Tray-bakes are a gift for busy folk. Minimal preparation, a warming, scrumptious meal and limited cleaning required on the other side: yep, we've got your winter sorted. So, dust off your trusty baking tray and enjoy the wonders of warm winter meals!

Winner winner, chicken dinner

1. Chicken and capsicum casserole with olives

French doesn't have to mean complex, and this is a great example. Toss everything in your baking tray and a great winter meal is on its way. 

Can the Internet settle this issue?

2. Baked chicken with haloumi

It's hard to believe that something that looks, and tastes, so good can take only 10 minutes to prepare. Coat the chicken and haloumi with the herbs, place in a tray, drizzle some lemon and olive oil, bake and done. No, seriously. That's it! 

3. Indian-spiced chicken with roasted cauliflower

Coated with delicious Indian spices, this bake will fill you up and warm you up! 15 minutes prep makes it the perfect dish to put together after a long day.

4. Kylie Kwong's honey roasted chicken wings

Got 5 minutes? You've got yourself a dinner! This one couldn't be easier to prepare, just shake everything up in a container the night before, leave in the fridge, and tomorrow's meal just needs to be whacked in the oven!

5. Sumac-roasted chicken wings with preserved lemon and coriander

Don't worry, that last one can be left out if you're on that side of the debate! This one really goes to show that a few simple ingredients can do wonderful things. Taking just 15 minutes out of your day, it's the perfect weeknight fix.

6. Baked Spanish paprika chicken with tomatoes

Baked chicken is a winter staple. Keeping the seasoning simple yet delicious, the smell will get you wishing you'd started cooking it earlier! 

More chicken bakes
Ricotta-stuffed chicken with tomato and basil

The trick to preventing chicken breast from drying out it is to add a layer of tomato on the outside and a lovely creamy Perfect Italiano ricotta filling on the inside, and bake it in a little stock to ensure the meat remains moist and full of flavour. 

Peri-peri chicken

This Portuguese flavour has spread across Australia, and the world. Make your own peri-peri at home with this tasty recipe.

Mix it up 

9. Tomato and eggplant casserole

So easy, yet so impressive. This is definitely one to pop on the table and serve this one straight from the pan.


10. Flamenco eggs

If the colour of this one is impressing you, wait until you smell and taste it. What's better, for all that this dish packs, it'll only set you back 20 minutes. Winter nights don't sound too bad now, do they?!

Flamenco eggs (huevos a la flamenco)

11. Roman-style semolina gnocchi

Yes, gnocchi. On a list of easy meals. But this is a bit different, Roman gnocchi is much easier than the more common type from further north. Very easy to put together, just send it oven-bound when the hunger kicks in.

12. Shepherd's pie

Quite possibly the ultimate comfort food, this easy bake has stood a long test of time. Serve hot from the oven and you'll be feeling warm in no time. 

Keep on casserole-ing'
Buffalo mozzarella, bread and zucchini ‘lasagne’

Like so many recipes that were born out of thrift, this is a great way to use up stale sourdough. Buffalo mozzarella is a bit more of an indulgence, but it makes it taste so much better.

Sweet potato casserole

Easy and comforting, here's a casserole for the busiest of nights.

Chicken casserole Vallée d'Auge

Stage 6, Dinan – Lisieux: Normandy abounds in gastronomic delights, including cream and camembert. Gabriel visits an apple farm where he learns the secret of making good Calvados. In the kitchen Gabriel prepares a poulet Vallée d'Auge, a family chicken dish cooked in cider and Calvados and served with a creamy mushroom sauce.

Pasta fare

16. Speck and sour cream macaroni cheese

Swapping the white sauce for sour cream makes this mac 'n' cheese just as tasty (if not more so) and easier to prepare. No food scraps tonight! 

Speck and sour cream macaroni cheese

17. Rigatoni with butternut pumpkin, sage and pine nuts

A hearty bake with soft pumpkin and that unmistakable taste of pine nuts. Perfect for a chilly winters night in.

More pasta
Ricotta and spinach pasta bake

Who would say no to a tasty and easy-to-make pasta bake? This version, with the Italian influences of prosciutto, napolitana sauce and parmesan, is enough to serve two people at dinner time.

Don't forget dessert

19. Classic baked custard with macerated prunes

Leave room for dessert without having to leave hours of your time. Get the prunes ready the day before (easily done) and thank yourself the next night.

20. Baked apples with coconut cream

Simple and bursting with flavour, this is the perfect sweet way to warm up. Just because it's a weeknight, doesn't mean you can't enjoy your dessert! 

Recipe from Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodword. Hodder & Stoughton Publishers 2015. Photograph © Clare Winfield.

21. Pear and rhubarb cobbler

Baked rhubarb is the unofficial mascot of winter desserts. Taking only 25 minutes of your weeknight time, this dish will warm you up on the coolest of cool nights. 

more baking beauties
Baked eggplant with haloumi and kasseri (pseftomousakas)

Sometimes referred to as fake moussaka due to the omission of meat and potatoes, this recipe is a great vegetarian dish that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

Vegetables roasted in goose fat

Roasting vegetables in rich goose fat is sure to bring a touch of decadence and luxury to an otherwise plain side dish.