• Really easy chocolate cake with chilli, salt and tequila. (Emma Grazette)
Lick, sip, suck isn't the only way to take on tequila. A really easy chocolate cake, deep-fried bites and a cloud raining tequila get us in the spirit on World Tequila Day.
24 Jul 2019 - 10:14 AM  UPDATED 24 Jul 2019 - 10:14 AM

Tequila is to Mexico what Champagne is to France and here's how you can elevate this tipple to superstar status. 

1. Playing with fire

This moist chocolate cake is unbelievably easy to make. Basically, mix it all in one bowl and bake it! The additions of salt, chilli and tequila may sound a little unconventional, but trust us; this baby will blow your mind.

Really easy chocolate cake with chilli, salt and tequila.

2. Dressed to impress

This napa chicken salad is served in crispy and buttery puffy taco shell with lashings of tomatillo verde. The tequila-spiked vinaigrette pops and what's even better about these tacos is they make sensational leftovers as well. 

The puffy taco shell for that extra crisp.

3. Making it rain... tequila!

Earlier this year, Mexico's Tourism Promotion Council partnered with Chicago advertising agency LAPIZ to reveal their very own tequila cloud - yep, you're reading this right. 

This cumulus-themed installation was showcased at a Berlin art gallery to playfully encourage German tourists to visit the sunnier climates of Mexico. The tequila cloud was programmed to emit drops only when it was raining outside, which was frequently, and the humidifiers would transform the tequila into a thick fog, which would then be condensed into "raindrops". Raise your glass!

4. The pickle you'll want to be a part of

This cucumber pickle salad goes beautifully with grilled meat, including ribs, or a cheese dish, such as mac ‘n’ cheese. Making the cucumber pickle is easy and seriously, try it with grilled meat.

5. Next level drizzle

This pork dish represents the three colours of the Mexican flag with the pomegranate, green chillies and white walnut sauce. With the addition of tequila-soaked raisins and a whole lot of spices to give your pork a good rubbing, this roast is a must-make and must-eat. 

6. Going deep 

Deep-fried that is. You've heard of deep-fried Mars Bars but The Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood is taking it up a shot, serving up trays of deep-fried tequila-soaked sponge cake, coated in icing sugar and served with wedges of lime.


7. Sticking to the classics

Play with your popsicle in this classic tequila, salt & lime combo. Lace your treats with tequila and you’ll be elevated to genius status by your guests! Try this food dept.’s blood orange margarita variety, and serve with lime salt and fresh citrus segments.

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