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How about you throw DESSERT on the barbie? From chocolate and cherry pizza to fruit-toast kebabs, here are some of our faves.
15 Oct 2019 - 4:41 PM  UPDATED 15 Oct 2019 - 4:42 PM

"People don’t always think of grilling when it comes to dessert, but you can get really creative," says Spencer Watts, grill-loving chef and host of Watts on the Grill. "When you put dense fruit on the grill, the heat brings out the sweetness and the sugars caramelise giving them explosive flavour. And it takes minutes! I love grilled peaches ... and fruit kebabs and cinnamon toast also a BIG winner in my books …. honestly I could go on forever! Desserts and barbecue - delicious!"

We couldn't agree more! Here are some of our faves - including those wonderful cinnamon toast kebabs; a competition winning brownie and cheesecake combo from barbecue champ Danielle Bennett, aka Diva Q; and a knock-your-socks-off chocolate and cherry grilled pizza.

Grilled cinnamon toast fruit kebabs

If you're wondering what Watts means by cinnamon toast, here's the answer: big squares of brioche, brushed with melted butter ("when you think you have enough butter, you’re half way there" Watts says) and tossed in a cinnamon-sugar mix, then threaded on skewers with strawberries and bananas. A few minutes on the barbecue, and a drizzle of white and chocolate sauce, and you've got a fast, easy fun dessert that kids and adults will both love. 

Grilled peaches with mascarpone and caramel

This recipe takes the magic that happens when you caramelise fruit straight to luscious land with the addition of caramel sauce, toasted nuts and rich, creamy mascarpone. 

Grilled peaches with mascarpone and caramel

Death by Diva

You've heard of death by chocolate - this takes it several steps further in the direction of decadence! Danielle Bennet, aka Diva Q, says this is her most requested recipe. It's won her many a competition on the barbecue comp circuit, and we can see why. "It combines a little fruit, a little cheesecake, a little brownie and a whole lot of delicious," she says. 

Cherry and chocolate dessert pizza

Chocolate and cherry are grand companions. Bring them together in this barbecue twist on pizza, add mascarpone, lemon zest and grated chocolate, and you've got a dessert that shows just how creative making dessert on the barbecue can be. 

Cherry and chocolate dessert pizza

Grilled chilli and cinnamon pineapple

This Barzilian-style grilled fruit is fresh and easy. 

Grilled chilli mango

Sticking with the fruit - mango, too, is great on the grill. Sweet, tangy and spicy, this recipe for grilled mango uses chilli and sumac to add flavour. (We've also go another grilled mango recipe: Justine Schofield brushes the mango with honey before grilling, and serves it up with labne).

Grilled chilli mango

Smoked pears with gingersnap stuffing

Here's another idea from Watts on the Grill: sweet, lightly smoked pears with crushed biscuit filling, topped with a dollop of cream. 

Chocolate pots with grilled orange

This easy dessert from Darren Robertson's Charcoal Kitchen is great to make ahead, then finish with grilled orange slices, which add a rich, charry marmalade note. You can also use a mix of orange and lemon. 

For more great grilling, enjoy SBS Food Channel 33's BBQ Month, throughout October. 

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