• Ghoulish shortbread fingers (Kirsten Tibballs)
Social media you've done it again and we say hello-ween to these playful trick and treats.
30 Oct 2019 - 1:16 PM  UPDATED 30 Oct 2019 - 1:16 PM

Cupcake frenzy

Spooky-sweet is the new black (almost). The topping possibilities are endless and you can go as hardcore or as easy as you like with your flavours, decorations and of course spook.

These glow-in-the-dark cupcakes are just as creepy as they are edible.

Here are some wonders from the internet:

Not-so-creepy cakes
Neapolitan cupcakes

Which Neapolitan ice-cream flavour were you? 

Tiramisu cupcakes

The combination of vanilla cake, strong coffee and rich mascarpone cream-cheese frosting with a hint of chocolate will give you some serious food-coma vibes. 

Gluten-free and dairy-free vanilla cupcakes

Super simple, and equally delicious, these cupcakes with chocolate frosting are the perfect party cake for kids (both big and small) when gluten and dairy needs to be avoided – no more missing out on the fun stuff! 


Meringue mania

If it's adorable does that make it less "Halloween"? Solidify your meringue making with Donna Hay's foolproof recipe - or if you're after an egg-free alternative get whipping with some chickpea water.

Meringues can be considered to have an ethereal quality.

Get a bit more inspo from insta:

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50+ meringue recipes
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Cupcake collection
These mini cakes are perfect for morning teas and parties.
Coconut and passionfruit cupcakes with meringue frosting
The meringue frosting makes this a statement cupcake - what a treat.


Literally finger lickin'

If you are all about a little more gore, then these take your crunch to a gruesome place and we love it! Try out these ghoulish finger shortbreads, complete with almond nails.

Ghoulish shortbread fingers

Don't let your brain drain, here are some more ghoulish goodies:

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Salted chocolate thumbprint cookies

There are a few salubrious occasions in life when oversized thumbs come in handy. These buttery thumbprint cookies are most definitely one of those. Filled with bitter dark chocolate and hazelnut, the bigger the thumbprint, the more cookie filling. A sprinkling of salt flakes enhances their bittersweet flavour.


Beware the pumpkin

Will you carve it, or will it carve you? What better carving accompaniment than a slice of pie.

Check out some more patchy ideas:

Don't go wandering into the pumpkin patch
Pumpkinhead pie

Like a taste of Halloween – this shake is terrifyingly good.

Roasted pumpkin pie

Roasting the pumpkin intensifies its sweetness and the caramelised edges of the pumpkin add a lovely complexity to this pumpkin pie filling. The filo pastry gives a crisp but light crust. 

Spiced pumpkin donuts

Steamed pumpkin lends a subtle sweetness and a brilliant orange colour to these donuts. Serve these warm, tossed with our very own take on pumpkin spice. 


Cruel and crazy cookies

They don't call them creepy crawlies for nothing... The peanut butter cookie perch for these chocolate spiders helps the spider flavour along. 

Spider peanut butter cookies

We've creeped and crawled 'the gram' for more:

Here cookie cookie
Drunk cookies

These decorative cookies are "drunk" with the addition of ouzo into the dough, an anise-flavoured Greek liquor.

Chocolate and cinnamon cookies

A triple-choc cookie bonanza for lovers of chocolate and cookies.

Peanut butter cookies

These cookies are a dream come true for fans of peanut butter! 

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