• Chardonnay mango tart (Pati's Mexican Table)
Cook up the taste of languid summery days with these sunny mango recipes.
17 Jan 2018 - 1:32 PM  UPDATED 6 Dec 2019 - 1:34 PM

1. Buckwheat crepes with mango, macadamia and kithul

This dish is inspired by the mango pancakes found in a yum cha trolley that I usually find too sweet and a little fake. This version uses buckwheat for savoury notes, with the sourness from India, a little sweetness from Sri Lanka and the buttery nuttiness of macadamia.

These crepes combine sweet and tangy flavours for an Australian twist on a classic recipe.

2. To-die-for ceviche

This snapper, mango and avocado ceviche dishes up the spirited flavours of Mexico. Pair it with tostadas for a snack with drinks when friends pop over, or with rice for a more substantial meal.

3. Mango habanero hot sauce

Meet your new condiment obsession: this slightly sweet and tangy sauce gets a little kick from habanero chillies, and goes with everything from seafood to grilled meat and tacos.

4. Tropical slaw

This colourful and crunchy salad that adds mango and lime into the usual slaw mix for a tropical feel. It’s a great option for summer BBQs served with grilled meat and seafood.

5. Chardonnay mango pecan tart 

Two of the world's greats - mango and chardonnay - come together in this Mexican-inspired dessert. The impressive full line up includes, a pecan-laced crust, pastry cream base, soft slices of fresh mango, and a chardonnay glaze.

Chardonnay mango tart

6. Mango and Thai basil ice-cream with fresh coconut shavings

This ice cream pops with the tropical flavours of Southeast Asia: the aromatic, peppery flavour of Thai basil, chunks of plump mango, and a topping of creamy and nutty fresh coconut.

7. Chargrilled corn and lima bean salad with mango and mojo criollo

If the Salsa dance was a salad it could be this fun and fiery dish: chargrilled corn, lima beans and fresh mango topped with a zesty dressing. Mojo criollo is a pungent garlicky sauce that makes a strong appearance in Latin cuisine.

8. Contemporary Coronation chicken

This English classic was created in the 1950s to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, a combination of cooked chicken meat with a spiced mayonnaise-based sauce. It can be used as a sandwich filling, salad, or - as in this recipe - served canapé-style.

9. Mango salsa and coconut heart salad

This lively recipe from the Pacific Islands is a combination of two sweet and savoury dishes: a mango salsa with a chilli kick, and a coconut heart and tomato salad. Coconut hearts can be substituted for Granny Smith apples.

10. Mango kulfi with coconut mousse and oat-ginger crumb

Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice-cream that involves making rich condensed milk, then freezing. This recipe adds mango puree into the dairy mixture before freezing, for a smooth and creamy dessert. The oat crumb brings some crunch, and if you have time to make the mousse it's worth the effort, because... mango and coconut.

11. Mango sago 

Based on the classic Cantonese mango sago pudding, this dessert pairs creamy milk and coconut-milk soaked sago with lime juice-sprinkled mango. A light and gentle end to a meal.

12. Chargrilled trout with leek and mango salad

Smoky, sweet, savoury, succulent. This banquet of a dish features a whole trout that is wrapped in leeks, chargrilled, then served topped with a salad of watercress, mango, mine and pomegranate. 

13. Chilli, tamarind and mango mud crab

Mango and tamarind trees appeared on Australian coasts as far back as the 17th century, planted by Macassan traders to ward off the scurvy of sailing. Combined with mud crabs – an indigenous Australian favourite – this dish tells a story of our country.

14. Mango custard vanilla slice

Vanilla slice is a canteen classic, beloved for its contrast of crisp pastry and creamy custard. This version is true to form but has the added novelty of a mango element to the custard.

More mango madness
Mango custard vanilla slice

SBS Food and Black Star Pastry have teamed up to pop a twist on an Aussie classic. Tugging at those summer strings is this mango and passionfruit version. #BringBackTheClassics

Buckwheat crepes with mango, macadamia and kithul

This dish is inspired by the mango pancakes found in a yum cha trolley that I usually find too sweet and a little fake. This version uses buckwheat for savoury notes, with sourness from India, a little sweetness from Sri Lanka and the buttery nuttiness of macadamia.

Chargrilled trout with leek and mango salad

“My first fly-fishing experience was definitely a memorable one, even though I didn’t catch anything. Luckily, I was surrounded by experienced fisherman who allowed me to cook them one of my dishes using their catch. Usually I would use banana leaves to wrap the fish up before chargrilling it, but using local leeks instead worked a treat, adding a nice smoky flavor to the dish. ” Luke Nguyen, Luke Nguyen's United Kingdom

Upside-down mango and coconut cake

Together, mango and coconut are the true taste of summer. This crowd-pleasing cake is fabulous either served warm or at room temperature, with or without cream or ice-cream.

Torched salmon tacos with mango salsa

Make taco night even more fun this summer with a "torch your own salmon" taco party, starring a quirky combination of East meets South-of-the-border flavours. All you need is a brûlée torch, a few corn tortillas and this wonderfully simple mango salsa to serve. It's simple, fast food that’s fun and tastes great.

Chilli, tamarind and mango mud crab

As early as the 17th century, Macassan traders from what is now Indonesia planted tamarind and mango trees along Australia’s northwest coast for use as navigational aids, and as provisions for future voyages. Those imported fruits could be considered the first international influences in Australian cuisine, and combined with mud crabs – a favourite food among the local indigenous population – they tell a story of the history of our country.