• Mushroom falafel burgers (Shane Delia's Recipe For Life)Source: Shane Delia's Recipe For Life
What's your ultimate burger filler? We've got the 8 vego versions you'll be loving in your week.
6 Jan 2020 - 11:31 AM  UPDATED 7 Jan 2020 - 10:21 AM

The perfect burger is all about balance: saucy, succulent, with a crispy cut-through element, and a soft bread or crisp lettuce bun to soak up all that goodness. 

Check out the vego stars that are strutting their stuff across our plates...

1. Maple, date and sweet potato walk into a bar...

There is so much goodness in this burger  – sweet potatoes, mushrooms and millet form the base. Dates and maple syrup add a hint of sweetness, which is a nice contrast to the smoky chipotle, while lime, coriander and cumin add punchy flavour and bring these burgers to whole ’nother level.

Maple-chipotle sweet potato burger

2. Is there anything haloumi can't do?

We don't ever want to find out. Grilled miso eggplant and haloumi make sensational sliders and your can also throw in some of your favourite pickles for added tang.

3. Keep on falafel-in' 

Complete with a homemade special sauce, juicy mushroom and melted cheese, this burger ticks all the boxes and is packed with veggies. Have the serviettes handy!

Mushroom falafel burgers

4. Black beaned up

Black beans are revered in Latin cuisine for their meaty, earthy flavour and teamed up with quinoa they make a hearty filler. Feel free to flavour the patties however you like, but don’t forget the chipotle chilli - its smoky heat brings the whole dish together. Get this recipe here


5. Super up-beet

Made with grated beetroot and hearty brown lentils, this burger is so good it'll complete flip any hesitation you may have when it comes to cooked lentils.

6. It's all peachy over here

There's something about grilled portobello mushrooms.They're big, chewy and actually strikingly burger-looking and when heated they releases moisture and becomes all flavourful and juicy. Topped with guac, this recipe puts ripe peaches to excellent use.

Portobello peach burgers

7. Mid-week on standby

Make a double-batch of these red quinoa patties and you'll be cheering when you can't get your head around dinnertime plans. They work wonders alongside roasted spiced pumpkin and for the vegans out there, simply replace the yoghurt with a tomato chutney or salsa.

A veggie burger can be just as good as the meaty options.

8. Absolutely ballin'

Soak your broad beans overnight and ground the allspice to allow maximum flavour to sing through these spiced balls. Pita bread, burger bun, focaccia or sourdough wield your bread choice as you wish.

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More vego variety
Vegetarian "sausage" rolls

Filled with lentils, quinoa and spices, you'll forget about the meat versions of the classic Aussie snag roll pretty fast. #RecipeForLife

Cheddar and chive scones

We first made this savoury scone as an alternative to a sweet scone for our farmers’ market stall. They’ve since become a firm favourite of our bakery repertoire.

Cauliflower steak with beet hummus

Thick slices of cauliflower gets roasted to perfection with lemon and thyme, and served with a vibrant beetroot hummus. 

Fried carrot cake (chai tow kway)

Despite the name, this Singaporean street food favourite doesn’t contain any carrot at all. Instead, white radish makes the base of this comforting savoury cake which is crisp on the outside while soft and chewy in the centre.