What's an Aussie summer without a pav? Master your meringue and let the summer session roll on.
23 Jan 2020 - 11:28 AM  UPDATED 23 Jan 2020 - 11:28 AM

Crush it into an Ottolenghi "mess", top it with chocolate and cherry granita or roll it with your favourite tropical fruits. There's even a vegan version!

Make meringue
Our foolproof guide on how to make the perfect meringue and how to fix any problems.

1. Colour it

With Matthew Evan's bright nectarine and raspberry pavlova, don't forget the rosewater!

Pavlova all the way

2. Spruce it

This one has your fruit soaking in Moscato syrup and zesty lime juice. The sweet tang goes tremendously well with vanilla-spiked yoghurt. Watermelon and strawberry pav? Yes, yes we do.  

3. Crush it

With gusto. Right, Yotam Ottolenghi? His strawberry and rose mess (that's a nod to the Eton) with an excellent homemade sorbet and plenty of pretty pomegranates.

4. Roll it 

With Anneka Manning's tropical coconut pavlova. Served with a lime yoghurt cream (yum!), this light number is on a roll and a fruit lover's dream. Plus, we even have a step-by-step gallery so you can roll like a pro!

5. Freeze it

Like the food dept's very own frozen passionfruit pavlova. This one's sure to stand the test of summer.

6. Vegan it

Leanne Kitchen substitutes egg whites for chickpea liquid and creates these dairy-free and gluten-free aquafaba meringues  –  ready to be topped with any fruit, cream or chocolate of your choosing!

Meringues can be considered to have an ethereal quality.

7. Mingle with it

Delicately flavoured with rosewater, these individual pavlovas make a divine create-your-own dessert.

Rosewater Pavlovas with vanilla-roasted red fruits and toffee pistachios

8. Sandwich it

Is there a more classic Australian summer dessert than a pavlova with fresh fruit and cream? This passionfruit version comes in ice-cream form, an excellent treat to have sitting in your freezer.

Passionfruit pavlova ice-cream sandwiches

9. Caffeinate with it

Vietnamese iced coffee is made with a delicious, chicory flavoured coffee, plenty of condensed milk, and ice – hugely refreshing in the humid Vietnamese climate, not to mention an excellent way to caffeinate your pavlova offering thanks to this refreshing recipe#BringBackTheClassics

Vietnamese iced coffee pavlova

10. Flower it 

"In the style of Carmen Miranda's hat" like the Hairy Bikers, Simon King and David Myers. Topped with mascarpone, ginger nut bikkies and pretty rose petals, their lychee and ginger pavlova is a true sensation!

11. Bitesize it

Into cute personalised meringues. Artful Desperado's Gabriel Cabrera serves his with raspberry, rhubarb and pistachio crumble. Pillowy goodness you don't need to share!

12. Spice it 

With O Tama Carey's luscious spiced chocolate pavlova. It comes with a superb sour cherry granita and the custard cream is spiked with kirsch, just for good measure!

13. Stabilise it

By adding starch and acid to the mixture. “There are many ways to go wrong with a pavlova,” says Adam Liaw, “but this method will help you avoid the classic trifecta of pavlova pitfalls: cracks, beads and collapses.”  Covered with tropical fruits, many starting with 'P' (passionfruit, pineapple, pawpaw...), Adam's golden pavlova is one to bookmark.

14. Deconstruct it

And tap into some native Australian with Seth James' pavlova with rose sorbet and guandong cream

15. Smash it!

This twist on the Aussie classic calls on orange curd and will quickly become a family favourite.

For more meringue recipes check out our collection hereFeeling nostalgic? Check out #BringBackTheClassics!