• Bhutanese red rice, goji berry & hazelnut salad (Alan Benson)
Summer is singing and what better way to keep cool than by eating refreshing food! Here are our picks of sublime salads from around the world.
28 Jan 2020 - 10:38 AM  UPDATED 30 Jan 2020 - 3:35 PM

Italian fennel and blood orange salad (insalata di finocchi e arance rosse)

When Sicilians prepare a feast, it more often than not will include fennel and orange salad. That cool crunchy liquorice flavour from the fennel and the sweet juice of those blood oranges makes this a perfect side dish for a festive meal. 

Jewish baked salmon salad

It tastes best made with fresh fish and is a great way to repurpose leftover baked salmon. But an equivalent amount of drained canned salmon can be substituted. Some cooks add a couple of grated hard-boiled eggs to the mix as well. Baked salmon salad makes a satisfying sandwich filling or a spread for matzo or crackers.

Baked salmon salad

American Kale Caesar salad with roasted Brussels sprouts

The dressing breaks down the kale’s toughness, revealing its true, velvety nature. There's the crunch from the Brussels sprouts, but you can add croutons, too.  

Lebanese Fattoush salad with mint and sumac

This Arabic medley of vegetables is topped with crisp flatbread pieces and dressed with a sumac lemon dressing. 

Vietnamese papaya salad

This colourful spin on the classic Vietnamese papaya salad adds carrot into the mix, as well as fragrant lemongrass-grilled prawns.

Papaya salad

Venezuelan arepas with chicken salad (arepas reina pepiada)

Arepas are a round cornbread. You can buy them frozen from some specialist retailers, or make them using Juan Pablo's recipe. They are usually gluten-free. (Use gluten-free stock and gluten-free arepa to make this recipe gluten-free.)

Cambodian beef salad

The dressing for this Cambodian beef salad is a delicate balance of garlic, sugar, fish sauce and lemon juice. If you like heat, add some sliced chilli to the mix.

Bhutanese red rice, goji berry & hazelnut salad

It is hard to find salads from regions that are high, cold and remote, and in Bhutan red rice is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner in many guises. This salad includes hazelnuts, which thrive in Bhutan and are being planted there in huge numbers, helping local people earn a living.

Bhutanese red rice, goji berry & hazelnut salad

Eat the full colour spectrum with these 9 salads
This is what happens when the salad bowl struts its best summer outfits.
Gado gado

This salad brims with treasures: boiled egg, fried tofu, potatoes, fried prawn crackers - topped off with a creamy peanut sauce.

Roasted eggplant salad (melitzanosalata)

This classic Greek dip can be made by cooking the eggplant on a stove-top or barbecue. Barbecuing will add an element of smokiness to the flavourful combination.

Charred green and black salad with cheese, walnuts and fruit salsa

Zucchini and eggplant offer the green and black components in this salad. They're balanced by the sweet and fresh hit from stonefruit and nashi pear. The recipe serves two as a main dish but will easily feed four as a starter or side.

Creamy corn salad (esquites)

Everywhere in Mexico City there are food stands selling tacos and enchiladas. But my personal favourite are the ones that sell corn, including equites, or corn in a cup. It's juicy, sweet and salty.