Nobody should put cherries in the corner and we've got just the recipes for you to make them pop.
29 Jan 2020 - 9:47 AM  UPDATED 29 Jan 2020 - 9:47 AM

Tea-smoked duck with Chinese pancakes and cherry sauce

Duck breasts that have been rubbed in a fennel salt and smoked over jasmine tea alongside a sweet-salty-tart fresh cherry sauce? Yes, please! 

Tea-smoked duck with Chinese pancakes and cherry sauce

Cherry spelt cakes, mascarpone and liquorice sugar

Nordic countries have an affinity for liquorice, both the common sweet type and the sweet and salty. Liquorice powder, derived from liquorice root, can be tricky to find but it’s an interesting product for adding that distinctive aniseed flavour to sweet or savoury dishes, like these cherry cakes! 

Chocolate frangipane and cherry tart

Frangipane is a classic French almond-based filling used in tarts, cakes and pastries. It’s history dates to the 16th century when an Italian nobleman (the Marquis Muzio Frangipani) introduced almond-scented gloves to France - pastry chefs attempted to emulate the seductive scent in their desserts. The result was a rich almond-infused cream filling that somehow over time, morphed into the frangipane we know today. This full recipe uses just over a cup of cherries, but we find that it’s very forgiving, especially when halved! 

Sour cherry strudels (weichselstrudel)

This recipe uses about 2 cups of frozen cherries, which makes it perfect to enjoy after peak cherry season! If you’re saving your final cup of fresh cherries, simply pit them before freezing on a tray, and then store in a freezer bag when they’re fully frozen. Halve the recipe when you’re ready to go, and enjoy the fruits of your labour, any time of year! 

Pickled cherries with sweet spices

Speaking of saving your cherries to enjoy all year - why not pickle them? Simply make a quarter-batch of the pickling liquid for a cup of cherries, and savour them to your hearts’ content. 

Italian picked cherries with sweet spices

Cherry and chocolate dessert pizza

A barbecue twist on dessert, this pizza is spread with a mixture of mascarpone, lemon zest and cherries, then topped with grated dark chocolate and mint leaves to serve. 

Cherry and chocolate dessert pizza

Berry cherry snow cones

Keep things cool with these tangy cherry and berry snow cones that are a lovely little pick-me-up to fight the summer heat. 

Swordfish with capers, olives and tomatoes (pesce spada alla ghiotta)

This brings together lovely seared fish steaks, beautiful sweet pomodorini, cherry tomatoes, that become super juicy and they burst in your mouth, a little heat from chillies, capers for that briny salty little hit, and these gorgeous earthy olives. 

Pan-cooked snapper with tea-scented sour cherry salad

Cooked Western-style, snapper benefits from minimal cooking and a fresh, light, yet interesting accompaniment.

Plazma crepes with Nutella and sour cherries

Sometimes it's the simple things that sing. A floppy crepe, a schmear of Nutella, a hit of sour cherry and a dust of icing sugar is all you need right here.

Choc cherry macarons

The classic Cherry Ripe takes on a French favourite. If that vibrant pink colour is anything to go by, you know this recipe will be a crowd-pleaser. 

Torrone and cherry dark chocolate semifreddo

A cross between a mousse and gelato, this semi-frozen dessert is a great one for summer as you don’t need an ice-cream maker.

Duck with cherry and Madeira sauce

This cherries in the sauce add a great hit of acid, cutting through the fat of the duck.