How to enjoy that one mango when you want something more than a sliced and diced situation.
30 Jan 2020 - 4:07 PM  UPDATED 30 Jan 2020 - 4:09 PM

We’ve all done it: driving in the summer sun, spotting a sign saying “MANGOES HERE”, and promptly turning into a deserted dirt road or rest stop to buy all the golden trays a car boot and seat can fit. But no matter how much you love the rich, honeyed tones of this quintessential summer fruit, there’s always a moment with the last mango in the tray where you go, “what else am I going to do with this?” Here’s our helpful guide on what you can do with one juicy package. But first... how to peel it?

Mango habanero grilled prawns

This recipe uses a mango in the marinade, that does double duty as a dipping sauce! A great way to add a soft sweetness to your savoury barbecues. 

Chardonnay mango pecan tart

The full recipe uses 3 mangoes, but we also love making up mini single-serve tarts with our last mango! If you can’t be bothered shaping a tart base, bake the pastry mixture in a flat sheet, then crumble it up to scatter on your mango/pastry cream mixture. Deconstructed mango pecan tart: we won’t tell! 

Chardonnay mango tart

Vietnamese barramundi salad

This refreshing salad only needs half a mango for a hint of sweetness, but we think that in this case, the more the better! Finely slice up the whole mango, and toss it through for an extra luscious foil to the crispy barramundi. 

Torched salmon tacos with mango salsa

Make taco night even more fun this summer with a "torch your own salmon" taco party, starring a quirky combination of East meets South-of-the-border flavours. All you need is a brûlée torch, a few corn tortillas and this wonderfully simple mango salsa to serve. It's simple, fast food that’s fun and tastes great.

Chilli, tamarind and mango mud crab

Here, mango gets paired with tamarind and shrimp paste to create a rich sambal that coats the crab. If crabs aren’t in season, we highly recommend using the sambal to cook up some prawns, instead! 

Caramel mango and banana tart (Tarte caramélisée aux mangues et bananes)

The West African republic of Guinea’s food culture has been heavily influenced by its colonial past, and this dark, caramelised fruit tart – flavoured with rum and vanilla, and cousin to that French classic, tarte Tatin – is its embodiment. The full recipe calls for 2 whole mangoes due to the chunky cut, but we find that slicing the mango and banana a little more thinly still ensures coverage of the pan and a full coating of the gorgeously dark caramel!

Chargrilled corn and lima bean salad with mango and mojo criollo

This colourful, flavourful recipe from South America is a must-try this summer. Chargrilled corn, lima beans and fresh mango make up the salad, which is topped off with a chilli kick and zesty dressing. And to save time, you can always use canned beans. Make this cozy 2-person serve by using just 1 mango and quartering the rest of the recipe! 



Summer popiscles for the win

Summer popsicles

Spiced mango and rosewater lassi

Spruce up your next summer mango smoothie with a pinch of cardamom and dash of rosewater.

Chargrilled mango cheeks with honey labne

This is also great for cooking on a barbecue - and you can do the same thing with other tropical fruit, such as papaya. 

Mango-passionfruit manic meringue

This is like a sweet tropical storm, with oozing passionfruit curd and a silky meringue topping.

Sri Lankan green mango curry

Sweet, sour and spicy, this is a simple Sri Lankan curry that treats the mango more like a vegetable. 

Mangoes don't belong in the fridge: The fruit hacks you need to know this summer
For higher quality fruit, you're better off keeping whole watermelon and mango out of the fridge before cutting it into pieces.