Here are 17 sweet ways to say "I love you" (or at least, "I love eating dessert with you").
12 Feb 2020 - 10:15 AM  UPDATED 28 Feb 2020 - 4:03 PM

1. Raspberry fool

"Love me love me, say that you love me. Fool me fool me, go on and fool me". If The Cardigan's ode to being a fool for love was good enough for Romeo and Juliet, this dessert should be good enough for you and your date. 

2. Hazelnut and raspberry cake

If you or your Valentine are looking for an indulgent-non-indulgent kind of dessert this is the cake for you. Buckwheat flour replaces wheat flour, and macadamia oil replaces butter, to make it gluten-free, dairy-free, and generally gym-friendly. A soft texture, sultry dose of spices, and plenty of raspberries keep it amorous.

3. Strawberry and rose mess

Just to show how confident you are in your relationship, you can serve a dessert that is a mess. And what a beautiful mess it is: strawberry sorbet, mascarpone, rosewater cream, sumac syrup, and pomegranate seeds.

4. Strawberry spoon sweet (gliko tou koutaliou me fraoula)

If a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, then consider a spoon of these juicy cinnamon-and-clove-poached strawberries a medicine for lurrrve going down. You'll need to start this recipe a day ahead to allow the strawberries to soak for max plumpness.

5. Chocolate meringues with vincotto strawberries

This dessert brings together that old faithful romantic combo of chocolate and strawberries, but in a reimagined form. How you choose to serve the meringues is up to you - whole and dusted with cocoa and a side of cream and strawberries, or with the meringues broken up and layered in a bowl or glass with other ingredients. This makes the dish very forgiving (you're welcome!).

6. Chocolate and chilli-sugar strawberries

Because some like it hot. 

7. Strawberry cannoli (cannoli alla fragola)

If you're really looking to impress this Valentine's Day (or even just test your cooking skills), try this elegant cannoli. Cannoli are sweet tubes of dough rolled thinly and fried, and these ones are filled with a heavenly light strawberry mousse. Aside from its tantalising flavours, this dish is about textures: crisp, airy, syrupy, silky. 

8. Minted raspberry brownie trifles

"This.. is.. no.. ordinary.." trifle. No ordinary love deserves no ordinary trifle, which is exactly what this one delivers: layers of dark chocolate cakey brownie, refreshing minted custard cream, and raspberries that are mixed with a little lemon and sugar to enhance their sweetness and juiciness.

9. Strawberry, basil and lemon trifle

Float amongst the clouds with this light and luscious dessert, which brings together buttercake, basil-infused custard, roasted strawberries and basil and lemon syrup.  Some pink champagne or prosecco would not go astray. Repeat, would not go astray.

10. Milk chocolate cream with raspberries

If your style is more old-school romantic, go for this classic combination of subtly sexy milk chocolate mousse topped with fresh raspberries. The mousse is infused with a bay leaf and vanilla bean to add that special je ne sais quoi

11. Hazelnut meringues with raspberries and ricotta

This is a simple dessert, but one with serious chemistry between the flavours and textures. The adorable pink raspberry ricotta cream is made by simmering raspberries and icing sugar, then blending the mixture with ricotta, cream and lemon zest until smooth.

12. Cherry sorbet on brioche rolls

Do more than cut the mustard with this sweet take on a brioche burger. 

Cherry sorbet on brioche rolls

13. Limburger cherry flan

The casing of this dessert is kind of like a sweet pizza dough, more chewy than a standard shortcrust, and the perfect home for a cherry compote explosion. The dough requires some resting time to give it the lightness it needs, so start it a few hours ahead of time. 

14. Chocolate frangipane and cherry tart

Frangipane is the classic French tart filling of ground almonds, butter and flour. For this suped-up, Valentine’s-worthy version, melted dark chocolate is stirred into the filling mixture before being spooned into a cocoa-scented pastry case, and having cherries pressed lovingly into the top. 

15. Cherry fruit salad with Languedoc brandy (salade de cerises au marc de Languedoc)

This fruity dessert is from the south of France - universally agreed to be one of the most romantic places on the planet. It's light, making it an ideal finish if you've eaten a heavier meal and want to skip the whole cake and pastry situation. 

16. Cherry ripe bites

These cute little bites have all the romance of a box of chocolates - but more, because they're handcrafted by you! That's a lot of romance. Perfect for popping in your mouth (or your date's).

17. Raspberry vodka slushie

If you're feeling the heat this V-Day cool off with this boozy scarlet number, a blend of raspberries, ice, vodka and sugar syrup, topped up with sparkling wine (or champagne).

For a berry good time
Strawberry margherita madness

Exactly what it sounds like: a boozy look-at-me margherita, made with coconut water for zippiness.

Strawberry rollercoaster donut apocalypse

Strawberry heaven crossed with a day at an amusement park – with all of the cotton candy and jelly donuts you could dream of.

Raspberry Beret

A layer of raspberry jelly set at a jaunty angle serves as the perfect base for this fruity treat.

Choc cherry macarons

The classic Cherry Ripe takes on a French favourite. If that vibrant pink colour is anything to go by, you know this recipe will be a crowd-pleaser. 

Strawberry and rhubarb crumble

Hot tip: Cooking crumble is a great way to make friends and also lure your neighbours into thinking you are a baking genius, just saying.