A handful of plums later...
10 Feb 2020 - 11:36 AM  UPDATED 10 Feb 2020 - 11:36 AM

Braised beef cheek with Santa Rosa plum, rosemary and orange

Beef cheeks are such a rich and succulent cut that is perfect for slow cooking and matches nicely with the slightly tart flavour of plums. It’s an easy dish to prepare that relies mainly on simply being left alone overnight, put in the oven and forgotten about until you are hungry for dinner. This type of dish is very happy served with a side of soft creamy polenta.

Free-form summer fruit tart

This recipe calls for a mixture of summer fruits, which is a great way to clear your leftovers! If you’d only like to use your 6 plums, simply halve the recipe. And because it’s a free-form tart, no one will be the wiser! Win-win. 

Blood plum and blackberry jelly with vanilla cream

The secret, we find, is to use real fruit juice as the base, and to use only enough gelatine to just set the jelly, so it dissolves as soon as it hits your mouth.

Peking duck pancakes with fresh plum sauce

This recipe uses fresh plums to add a modern twist to a Chinese classic. Plums are simmered with spices and a touch of sugar to make a beautifully chunky plum sauce, perfect to balance the rich Peking duck. 

Plum cake (zwetschgenkuchen)

This tray-baked cake is believed to have originated in Augsburg in the south-west of Bavaria and is popular in late-summer during the damson plum harvest. It is often enjoyed with afternoon coffee. This recipe calls for canned plums, but you can use fresh plums simply by simmering the seeded plums in a simple sugar syrup until they’re soft and ready to use! 

Poached Satsuma plums, chocolate sponge and plum cream

The chocolate sponge recipe is easy and quick and oh so very light and the cream becomes a quite delightful shade of pink from the plums. This recipe calls for a dozen plums, but you can very easily halve the recipe and bake it in a smaller tin!

Plum and amaretto sorbet (sorbetto di susine con amaretto)

A splash of amaretto is added to the final churn of this ice-cream, inspired by the wonderous combination of plums and almonds.

Plum and amaretto sorbet (sorbetto di susine con amaretto)

Spiced plum chutney

Our fragrant chutney is the great accompaniment for cheese and charcuterie boards, it also works well with curries, stews and casseroles or even on a classic ham sandwich. It has the wonderful balance of sugar and spice but you can adjust the spices to your tastes. 

Backyard plum jam

This recipe only uses 4 ingredients, and you can use as little or as many plums as you like! 

Illawarra plum & lemon myrtle limoncello trifle

Trifle is pretty Australian and always (if done well) a show-stopper. This recipe can be made in one large centrepiece dish or in small individual glasses.

Illawarra Plum & Lemon Myrtle Limoncello Trifle

Rosella flower and plum champagne compote

A fruity accompaniment to a good vanilla ice-cream and sponge cake, infused with flavours of native plums and rosella flowers, made for summer. 

Could this Monte Carlo with Davidson plum jam take native ingredients to the next level?
Michael James from cult Melbourne bakery Tivoli Road may be a Brit but he's one of the biggest champions of native ingredients and of working alongside Indigenous communities. #DontKeepHistoryAMystery
Plums with shortbread and sabayon

A great make-ahead dessert: You can make the components well in advance and assemble just before serving with a flourish.

Scallops with Warrigal greens and Davidson plum butter

"Every element of this dish is so uniquely Australian and the use of bush food adds an authenticity to it. Hervey bay scallops are famous for their sweet, white flesh. Davidson plum is acidic and bright purple, while Warrigal greens have a nearly meaty thickness to them and a wonderful flavour. Sea celery looks great and tastes like a mix between celery and parsley." Peter Kuruvita, Peter Kuruvita's Coastal Kitchen

Pancakes with stewed plums (Kaiserschmarrn)

Kaiserschmarrn, a thick, fluffy, sugary pancake that is cut into small pieces and usually served with stewed plums, is one of the most famous desserts in Austria.