• Salt and rosemary crusted potatoes (Petrina Tinslay)Source: Petrina Tinslay
Flavour is the name of this salt-crusted game and here are seven of our must-makes.
10 Feb 2020 - 11:34 AM  UPDATED 10 Feb 2020 - 11:36 AM

Salt has long been used as a natural preservative and the benefits of salt baking are threefold: protecting, tenderising and seasoning - basically, perfection in the kitchen.

Don't be alarmed by the amount of salt used in these recipes - they form a protective crust that seals in the moisture and juices without making the flesh overly salty and they look impressive, so you'll want to dish them crust on

Roast beetroot salad

Baking the beetroot with a salt crust concentrates the earthy sweetness and seasons the vegetable at the same time and this beetroot and ricotta baby from Melbourne chef Andrew McConnell proves that salad can really steal the show.

Roast beetroot salad

Baked seafood pie with sherry cream

Breaking through the salt-crusted puff pastry, you'll find all the aromas from spanking fresh seafood ( a mixture of clams, mussels, scallops and fish) and a rich sherry cream all wafting up, taking you straight to Andalucía, Spain - that’s what this pot from SBS TV star Shane Delia is all about. #willtravelthroughfood

Snapper with salmoriglio

This seafood centrepiece is a touch of Sicilian class from Sydney chef Lino Sauro. Whole-baked snapper is paired with salmoriglio, a classic dressing made with oregano, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. The dressing alone is one you'll want to have on tap any night of the week. 

Salt baked snapper with samoriglio

Roast chicken with tarragon vinaigrette

There really is something exciting and magical about this recipe. You start by wrapping up a chicken in a layer of salt, you may think it’s too much salt but trust in the recipe, it works. Once cooked, crack open the warm salt crust, and the smell of salt and tarragon steams out from the shell, to reveal a delicious tender chicken. The Food Dept. does it again and regular roast chicken just won't do.

Salt-crusted roast chicken with tarragon vinaigrette

Salt and rosemary potato

Love roast potatoes? Well, this spud recipe is out-of-control ah-mazing! Bite through crunchy, salty potato skins to clouds of soft, warm mash – what a fabulous winter-warming treat. They're the perfect accompaniment to any weekend roast or simply as they are comforting bowl food. #spudlife

Salt and rosemary crusted potatoes

Golden trout with lime risotto

It's a bit like being at the beach and making a sandcastle - except you get to eat it! This is a showstopping seafood dish and while the recipe is heavy on the salt, it forms the perfect crust to seal in all those juices. Serve with a zesty lime risotto and some extra grated Parmesan for a dinner party like no other. 

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