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Maximise the taste, minimise the washing up: these one-pan breakfasts will make your morning!
4 Mar 2020 - 11:23 AM  UPDATED 4 Mar 2020 - 11:23 AM

These one-pan brekkies give us all the happy feels for so many reasons. It's not just how good they taste. 'Tho they do! It's not just that less washing up is rather nice too. It certainly is! But how about this: They use up leftovers. They look bright and cheerful. There's something for every season. They are from some of our very fave cooks. And did we mention they taste good? Yes, you got it!

Swedish stir-fry (pyttipanna)

"Pyttipanna translates as ‘small bits in a pan’. Typically comprising onions, potatoes, minced meat, beetroot and a fried egg, it's a dish that is quickly put together with whatever you might have foraged from the kitchen," says Rachel Khoo of this vibrant Swedish take on breakfast. You can use two pans to speed things up, or one to cut down on the washing up. "There are no rules in my book when it comes to making this dish, so feel free to get creative with leftovers. I always seem to have rashers of smoky bacon in the fridge (in case of a bacon sarnie emergency), and lentils are always in the larder. Just don’t forget the obligatory fried egg on top!"

Pyttipanna or Swedish stir-fry.

Breakfast greens, fried eggs and tahini

Greens, seeds, nuts, eggs, tahini and quinoa come together in Shane Delia's breakfast fry-up.

Breakfast greens with fried eggs and tahini

Frittata, many ways

"Chook-minding turned out to be an emotional business."

Can we stretch the 'one-pan' friendship to include a bowl in which to whisk some eggs? Yes? Egg-cellent! Then say hello to Matthew Evans' turnip top and goat cheese frittata (above) or his zucchini and feta recipe; a Dutch silverbeet and Gouda frittata from Geert Elzinga, which is great hot or cold; or a chorizo, spinach, sage and ricotta frittata from Donna Hay, which is ready in just 20 minutes, 


We couldn't possibly have a one-pan breakfast list without including this Middle Eastern classic, with eggs poached in a rich, tomato-based sauce. You'll want plenty of bread to swipe up the last of the earthy tomato and capsicum sauce in this version from Guy Turland. 


Stewed spinach eggs

"Often the tastiest dishes are the ones that use the simplest ingredients, like my stewed spinach eggs, or as I like to call them, my Swedish green shakshuka," says Rachel Khoo, who's been putting a Swedish spin on some of her favourite recipes since moving to Stockholm. "Simple, comforting and wholesome - this is the perfect home-cooked comfort meal if you're craving some leafy green vegetables. It's also gluten-free and vegetarian."

Stewed spinach eggs

Great Aunty Kim’s mint egg

"One of those dishes that proves you need very little to create a wonderful flavour. Serve as a fab dine-alone vegetarian dish or as part of a shared meal," says Poh Ling Yeow of this tasty fry-up

Baked taleggio eggs with preserved lemon and parsley

Breakfast for one? France meets Italy in this simple, delicious recipe, which bakes eggs with parsley, taleggio and preserved lemon. 


See Rachel Khoo cook her stewed spinach eggs in Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen, double episodes 7.30pm Mondays then on SBS On Demand. 

More egg-cellent breakfasts
Ginger fried brown rice with egg and spring onion

This breakfast fried rice takes no time at all and is everything food should be, simple and absolutely delicious.

Shakshuka with mozzarella

Originating in the Middle East, this popular brunch dish combines perfectly cooked eggs nested into an aromatically spiced stew of tomatoes and capsicum. For an extra-special spin, this version includes slices of oozing mozzarella. 

Potato rostï

A giant potato rostï for sharing - Sunday morning breakfasts will never be the same again. 

Persian omelette (kuku sabzi)

What an eye-opener this dish is - read the recipe and you’re thinking herb frittata - assemble it and you realise that herbs are the supreme stars and eggs simply bind it all together. 

Malayali egg roast

There are many versions in India, but perhaps the most famous is this Malayali breakfast dish from Kerala, a tangle of browned onions, curry leaves, green chillies and tomatoes. Try it with rice dosa, or some buttered toast! 

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