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From a bangin' banana bread to cinnamon scrolls and carrot cake, these recipes ditch the gluten but keep all the flavour.
23 Oct 2019 - 9:44 AM  UPDATED 19 Mar 2020 - 3:51 PM

Clever bakers and much better access to alternative flours and starches have changed the face of gluten-free baking, and there's no need to miss out on those classics you love. From a sticky cinnamon bun to a hearty slice of carrot cake, here are 16 excellent gluten-free versions of your fave bakes. 

Bangin' banana and walnut bread

Banana bread might just be Australia's favourite cafe snack, and not only is this recipe from Luke Hines gluten-free, but it's also vegan, too. 

Banana bread.

Gluten-free lemon tart

There's nothing quite like the perfectly balanced sharp-sweetness of a great lemon tart. The silky filling of this lemon tart is encased in a versatile almond meal crust. 

Lemon tart

Gluten-free carrot cake

This carrot and zucchini slab cake is moist, light and tender and a cinch to make, too. 


Love a lamington? This one will love you right back - no problems here if you have gluten or wheat intolerances, with Anneka Manning's gluten-free take on this Aussie classic. 

Gluten-free lamingtons

Dark chocolate espresso mud cake

One for the chocolate cake lovers - and the avocado fans! This striking creation is not only gluten-free but that luscious mousse between the cake layers gets its richness from avocado. 

Dark Chocolate Espresso Mud Cake

Gluten-free cinnamon scrolls

These you'll-want-to-lick-your-fingers scrolls, filled with cinnamon, sugar and butter, are by Helen Tzouganatos, host of Loving Gluten Free.  She's spent the past 12 years figuring out how to make all her favourite recipes without gluten, and these scrolls, drizzled with cream cheese glaze, are another winner. 

Gluten-free cinnamon scrolls

Jam-drop cookies

These adorable cookies are like a hug from grandma. But in a little spin on tradition, they're made with buckwheat flour and almond meal, making them earthier in flavour and gluten-free.

Jam drop cookies

Brownies, many ways

Whatever your brownie style, you can make it happen in a gluten-free kitchen. Can't have dairy? Try Donna Hay's choc-banana brownies ("these brownies deliver on the rich, chocolatey, and addictive prerequisites of brownies," she says). Looking for a brownie that doesn't use an almond meal? With coconut milk and date swirl through them, these coconut flour brownies are dense and rich, but not heavy. We're also going to point you to eggplant brownies because yep, it sounds crazy but in this recipe from Dr Michael Mosley's Clever Guts Diet book, the eggplant is a great match for dark choc and dates. Or for fudgy, nutty brownies, try these gluten-free pistachio brownies, or these pear and brazil nut brownies (bonus: brazil nuts are an excellent source of minerals, particularly selenium). 

Pear and brazil nut chocolate brownies

Gluten-free and dairy-free vanilla cupcakes

No more missing out on the fun stuff with these perfect party cakes, topped with chocolate frosting!

Gluten-free and dairy-free vanilla cupcakes

The classic: flourless chocolate cake

Flourless chocolate cakes are deservedly part of the gluten-free recipe hall of fame. Try Donna Hay's magic no-flour chocolate fudge cake, Anneka Manning's rich flourless hazelnut chocolate cake and this beauty, a chocolate, raspberry & buttermilk cake that baker Nadine Ingram describes as "the fudgiest of all the chocolate cakes I know" (and a cracker without the raspberries, too, she says). 

Chocolate, raspberry & buttermilk cake

Want more gluten-free inspiration? Catch Helen Tzouganatos whipping up lush gluten-free recipes alongside guests in the brand new series of Loving Gluten Free on SBS On Demand.

GF on the savoury side
Polenta tarts with beetroot and mushroom fillings

People think gluten-free pastry is going to be hard work but Kathy Tsaples' recipe is ready in a flash and requires just a handful of ingredients to be mixed together in a bowl.

Greek lamb pastitsio

Really you could use any tubular pasta shape for this recipe. If you can find ziti or mezzani they'll give you that beautiful cross-section of rings, but gluten-free options are usually a bit limited in terms of shapes so penne is just as good.

Baked quinoa-crumbed chicken with Japanese mayonnaise

Whether you're coeliac or not, this baked chicken recipe with Japanese mayo makes a delightful dish to share with friends, or as a main meal with a side of veg.

Italian meatballs and spaghetti

Grated potato subs in for breadcrumbs in this meatball recipe and ensures they retain a nice tender texture.

Bacon and cheese pies

These gluten-free pies are like quiche wrapped in a bacon crust. Three kinds of cheese - cheddar, parmesan and goat's - match well with roasted capsicum and fresh herbs.

Sticky sesame dumplings

Traditionally served during the winter solstice, the round shape of these dumplings signifies the togetherness of a family in the Chinese culture.