The weather is that perfect middle point between scorching summers and woeful winters - and what food fits the season better than a bowl of noodle soup? Here are our 30 favourite recipes (you're welcome)!
29 Apr 2019 - 1:35 PM  UPDATED 31 Mar 2020 - 3:22 PM

Popular right across Asia, and beyond, noodle soup is a food staple. Each country has its own version, from Indonesia's beautifully fresh soto ayam to pho, gifted to us by the Vietnamese, meaning there's plenty to explore this Autumn! 

For vegetarians

1. Chunky minestrone

The ultimate Italian comfort soup brightened with chunky basil and parsley oil - Ottolenghi-style.

Chunky minestrone with basil paste

2. Vegan udon noodle soup with chilli lime roasted tofu

Who said meat-free dishes had to be boring? Unlike most restaurant offerings, the broth used for this ramen is made of vegetable stock, not meat. See the eyes of vegans everywhere light up!

The new veganism is about what you eat, not what you don’t eat.

3. Tomato, lentil and noodle soup (kesme asi)

Popular in Turkey for when the weather begins to cool, this hearty noodle soup is a must-try. Make the soup ahead (the flavour improves with time), but leave the noodles until you're ready to eat. 

Make it with pork

4. Spicy pork and miso udon noodle soup 

Easy to whip up and even easier to finish, this Japanese-style soup is the perfect meal for an Autumn night. If the word 'spicy' scares you off a dish, just leave it out. 

5. The vampire slayer ramen express

Who here likes garlic? How about 44 cloves of it for the one dish? Not called the vampire slayer for nothing, this one will have you clearing the garlic shelves out at your local greengrocer - but it'll be well worth it! 

6. Hawaiian noodle soup (saimin)

That's right, Hawaiian! With large Japanese, Filipino and Chinese influences on the archipelago, this noodle soup is the perfect fusion of Asia's best - from the Pacific! 

Or try these
Sapporo ramen

Sapporo, the capital of Japan’s most northerly island, is renowned for its miso-based ramen.

Crossing the bridge noodles

The beauty of this noodle soup recipe is that everyone gets to assemble their own dish, so you just have to concentrate on the stock.

Dive in, seafood style

 9. Fish-paste noodles (surimi-men)

 As a starter or a main, this noodle soup is beautifully light, while still packing plenty of flavour. Plus, you can impress your guests by taking credit for these homemade noodles! 

10. Burmese fish noodle soup (mohinga)

With a curry-like appearance, this is one of the national dishes of Myanmar (Burma), which makes sense, given its position between Eastern Asia and India. The fish goes beautifully soft, a delight to eat.

11. Japanese-style mushroom and leek broth with poached fish

True to Japanese cooking, this broth and noodle bliss showcases the best of a few key ingredients. Try adding dashi, the base for most soups in Japan, to boost the flavour of the fish stock.

12. Prawn noodle soup (Penang Hokkien mee)

Commonly found in Malaysian hawker markets, this noodle soup derives its flavour from the shells and heads of the prawns. Keep the leftover heads and shells of prawns in the freezer for your next broth. 

More seafood noodle soups
Blue swimmer crab and tomato vermicelli noodle soup (bun rieu)

"This noodle soup dish originated from Hanoi, however it can be found all through the streets of Saigon. It is much loved by locals as it has such depth of flavour and a great cooking technique to make the wonderfully textured crab balls, known as rieu." Luke Nguyen, Luke Nguyen's Street Food Asia

Pork, crab and noodle soup (bun rieu)

There's more to Vietnamese soups than pho! The abundance of ingredients in this recipe for bun rieu ensures a variety of sensational flavours and textures.

Delicious duck

15. BBQ duck and egg noodle soup (mi vit tiem)

The tender BBQ duck makes this noodle soup what it is. Imagine yourself eating on the streets on Saigon or Hanoi as you slurp the flavourful broth, made with cinnamon and star anise. 

16. Duck noodle soup

Using delicious Chinese duck, this noodle soup is easy to make. Just let the broth to simmer and enjoy the result - a steamy bowl of soup infused with garlic, ginger and spring onions.

more duck
Yellow pea and duck soup

In the Netherlands, soups are not only served as a starter but often as a main meal with bread. This upmarket soup uses yellow split peas, regarded as a luxury ingredient in the Dutch household, in replacement of the usual green variety.

Udon soup with roast duck, broccoli and coriander

This is an easy throw-together bowl for those nights that need a little extra comfort. 

Chicken bowls

19. Chicken noodle soup (soto ayam)

Popular amongst any hungry Indonesian, soto ayam will hit the spot. Try topping with a dash of sambal to take the flavours up a notch. 

20. Filipino chicken noodle soup (sotanghon)

The chicken and the egg are both present in this simple Filipino soup. Cooking the chicken in chicken stock will give you the best-tasting dish possible - even better if the stock's homemade! 

21. Nepalese chicken noodle soup (thukpa)

Packed with plenty of herbs and spices, this Nepalese dish is great for a mid-week dinner as the weather gets cooler. 

try these...
Chicken cornbread dumpling soup

This peasant soup was taught to me by an old lady who has been cooking it for longer than I’ve been alive. Packed full of white beans, corn and black cabbage, it’s meant to be rustic, so I didn’t change it much – just a little polish here and there. I have to admit, though, that the addition of the chicken dumplings really brought the dish to a whole new level.

Malaysian laksa (cheat's laksa)

This laksa combines fresh ingredients with a commercial laksa paste, meaning a lot of the prep work is done for you. To make this recipe even easier, place the garnishes in the centre of the table, allowing diners to assemble their laksa to taste.

Chicken and wakame soup with buckwheat noodles

A simple yet hearty Japanese interpretation of chicken and noodle soup, this recipe includes wakame, a type of edible seaweed.

Beef it up

25. Beef phở (Vietnamese noodle soup)

Phở is everywhere in Vietnam and comes in several different varieties. This beef one uses lemongrass and shrimp paste for even more flavour. 

Beef phở

more beef bowls
Braised beef noodle soup

Combining tender beef cheeks and just-blanched bok choy with a lush, layered broth, this easy Taiwanese dish makes for a hearty and wholesome dinner. Try the slow-cooked wonder on the weekend and swap Sunday roast for hearty noodle soup.

Vietnamese chilli beef and noodle soup

Mmmm, let the aroma of this warming soup fill up your kitchen at dinnertime. Traditionally the base for Vietnamese Pho is homemade stock – so we decided to opt for a simpler version by using store bought quality beef stock instead of making our own stock. This spicy soup has all the Asian flavours you desire and is also a meal in itself.


This classic Japanese recipe is a great meal for the family served with miso soup and rice to accompany the sukiyaki. It is quick to prepare and healthy too.

29. Boat noodles (kuay tiew rua)

Named after the boat vendors that cruised along Bangkok's rivers and canals selling their famous noodle soup, this is a Thai classic. Hearty and packed with flavour, this will fast become your new autumn meal. 

30. Betawi beef rib soup with vermicelli noodles (soto mi tangkar betawi)

Another Indonesian soto (which means soup), this noodle soup is ubiquitous across Jakarta, the capital, and is a street food classic. Tuck in and warm yourself up from the inside! 

More autumn eats
Stir-fried oyster mushroom broth

This gently spicy broth is influenced by Oriental cooking where oyster mushrooms are considered a delicacy. It is a wonderfully easy way to celebrate wild mushrooms.

Heritage tomato and mozzarella salad with olive crumb

This salad is one of the simplest and its success relies on using the ripest tomatoes. I have chosen four of the tastiest varieties – they are perfect for salad, each of them sun-ripened, juicy and fleshy. Gastronomy can be simple... when you have wonderful produce!

Maple sugar pie

This is a variation of Sugar pie, a baked custard-style tart that’s associated with the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec. Versions are also popular in the American Midwest, and are variously called Sugar cream pie, Hoosier sugar cream pie and Indiana farm pie. If you wanted to make this dessert simpler to make, you could easily substitute ready-made shortcrust pastry instead of making your own. Just make sure you choose one made with butter.

Spiced pork cutlets with charred pears

“This is incredibly fast and so full of flavour. The little bit of charred spice on the pork, deglazed with a fortified wine and combined with the sweetness of the pears, is the most divine combination. A winning quickie mid-week meal!” Poh Ling Yeow, Poh & Co. 2